Funko Pops—wouldn’t it be cool?


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Jun 4, 2004
Funko Pops—wouldn’t it be cool?

Noticed lots of 80’s/90’s old TV shows and movies turning up in the Funko Pops line. Wouldn’t it be cool if they did QL Sam and Al?
Every time I got to Walmart, I check our electronics department to see if there are any Pops I haven't seen yet.

Now that the show is back in the spotlight, I would be so, SO surprised if Funko didn't approach NBCUniversal (or the other way around) about doing Pops for QL. I mean, there is SO much material for them to work with just from the OG show!

It'd be hard not to plan/market them as single Pops, though. Every time I think of what a Sam Pop could be, I think of what Al was also wearing. And vice versa.

Gotta have a Genesis pack. Sam dressed in the fighter pilot uniform; Al in his tux. But then I'd also love to see Sam in the fishing gear with Al in his pajamas.

And then of course gotta have a Mirror Image pack. But there, I'd kinda like to see it as a 2-pack of Sam and The Bartender. Then we can get a single release of Al in his dress whites.

We focus a lot on Al and his outfits (and rightfully so), but Sam had some pretty iconic outfits, too. I'd love to see a 2-pack of Sam and Al from Miss Deep South, in the scene where Sam performs dressed as Carmen Miranda.

Ooo, another Genesis 2-pack: Sam as a baseball player, Al in his cool silver jacket.

....I really ought to research customizing Pops, because even if Funko did do QL Pops... they'd probably never manage to make all the ones my brain is thinking of, lol.
Yeah I think it would have to be like the Hamilton line, which I’m down with if it goes that route if it could indeed come to fruition. In fact, it was after my daughter chose her Hamilton Pop (green suit—I got the Revolutionary uniform) that I wondered about OG QL Pops and asked her to see if they exist. A small outfit in the UK made a custom Sam and Al for someone, so I know one could go that route. But after seeing 80’s Blade Runner, Frasier, and other along the lines I really got to hoping for QL.

And yes, the possibilities for the options are endless. We don’t avidly collect Pops, but we do have a few. (We seem to have started collecting Hamilton ones, as Miss K just got Eliza and is on the hunt for Washington. Side note—she has opined that she would love to hear Scott Bakula singing Washington’s part. Love my kid!) But I digress— I could see us for sure collecting QL ones.