Gold -Control Room Ticket for Sale


Project QL Intern
Oct 1, 2008
Hi everyone,
I'm selling my Gold Ticket Seat H 169 because I found out I will be unable to attend after all.
If anyone is interested email me at or reply to this post.
Thanks so much!!
Hi guys,
I'm asking $230 which is a little less than I paid for it. I bought the ticket in July so its probably closer than the Gold ones on sale now...but I don't know that for sure.
That's great Avilos! The seat number is H 169 if you want to confirm where it's located on the Ballroom seating chart.

Alsplacebartender, how have other people handled payment and transfer of names on the ticket? Do I mail my confirmation papers after payment or do we give you the information to change?

PayPal will just fine with me.
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First, there is a $15 fee to transfer a ticket. You or Avilos can paypal it to the convention using our account at

I just need Avilos to send the following to me via email at

-First and Last name
-Phone Number
-Email address
-Confirm that you have read and understand our policies located at

I will then reassign the ticket to Avilos and send the confirmation email.

Ok, I've had a Paypal account for a few years but don't use it much. I am going to need your account info leap4ever, right? Or just e-mail?

Also leap4ever, I am hoping you will pay the $15 transfer fee. I could buy an available seat without one ;)
I sent the money tonight leap4ever!

I decided to save money on a plane ticket and pull a Forrest Gump.

Yes I am going to walk to California...from Wisconsin.....

I will have to start right now.... ;) (that is a joke by the way! )
Thanks Avilos! I've received the payment and contacted Brian so he can put your info on the ticket.

Have an awesome time at the convention! I know Southwest airlines has great deals on airfare...that is if they fly in your area. Take care.