Great t-shirt design


This is so awesome! I am so exited that this worked out!

I had that art as my wallpaper on my computer for a few weeks before I decided to suggest this to both Brian and the artist Troy. It shows if I have a good idea I should open my mouth about it. I have a bad tenancy to be shy... even online.

Uh oh! Someone found our store before it officially opened! :hair

Guess I'll open it right about.... NOW. Go get some cool stuff!
How long will the merchandise be available for purchasing?

I'm asking because I leave Australia in 4 weeks and I am worried that it won't arrive here in time. Is there any possibility of ordering and paying online and picking up the merchandise at the convention?
My husband informed me this afternoon that I had received a package in the post office! I left for work before he got home, so I haven't seen the contents, but as soon as I get back home Sunday morning, I'll open it! (I may not be wearing my uniform to work on Sunday afternoon. ;) )
T-Shirt Artist

Hey there everyone. I decided to join in conversation to thank everyone for their very kind word and enthusiasm for my "Quantum Leap" Accelerator T-Shirt Design. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to offer the design to all of the Leapers out there. Being a long time fan of the show, I'm excited to have been included in this monumental Anniversary Celebration.

I just recently wrote a post on my website about the design and "The Leap Back" convention. If you'd like to take a look at it, the link is below:

Thanks everyone for making this possible and hope that all of you that do purchase one of the items available, enjoy it and wear it proudly. And for those of you attending the 20th Anniversary Convention, have fun and let me know what people think of the design.

Thanks again,
Troy M. Grzych
I got an idea. Because Troy can not attend the Con maybe we could get a picture of Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, or Don Bellisario wearing one of the Shirts? Or at least just holding up one.

No promises but its worth a try, right Brian?

It would look great in Troy's portfolio along with the design itself.
Thanks Tom Soliva. I wanna make sure that I have your name correct in my post so I will go back and correct it.

If you guys could get me a picture like you mentioned, that would be would truly take my personal "Quantum Leap" story full circle! And it would definitely look great in my portfolio.

Whatever you guys can do is much appreciated.

If you can't I understand.

The quality was great, and the color was spot on, even for a black shirt.

The embroidered shirt was a little strange, though. I figured they'd digitize the logo, and use black and white thread to "draw" it. Instead, they embroidered a circle of tightly-packed white thread sewn in different directions, and then printed the logo onto that. I haven't washed it, so I don't know the results of that yet. (I used to work for an embroiderer, so I knew what to look for as far as the digitized logo. If you don't know what you're looking for, though, it looks just fine.)
Yeah I been wondering about the quality too.

I plan on getting the blue jersey style.

I am tempted to buy it but not wear it until the actual Con.

I plan on wearing it the day I get Scott's autograph and picture with him!