Hand held Ziggy, whereforart thou?



Aloha one and all, I'm here for your help ladies and gentlemen, I would love to get my hands on a hand-held Ziggy, because I'm going to a sci-fi night at the Electric Ballroom (London) and I'm going as Al. Oh yes.

I will be needing a white suit (I always remebered that one best, despite the `classic` looks of his multi-coloured garb!) and a mock-up of the hand-held terminal for ziggy, please could anyone point me in the right direction, I would love a flashing-light version I can smack on the side and complain about Tina with in a distracted way, but I would settle for a dummy thing that looks like it.

I don't even have any good pictures of it so far, any help at all you guys can give is eternally appreciated.

Thank you kindly :)