Frank T

Project QL Intern
Oct 21, 2013
Hey Everybody,

My name is Frank T, I'm 52 years old and live in NJ. I've always been a "prop" fanatic, so when Quantum Leap came around and I saw the Gummy Handlink, I knew in my mind I had to have one. I see by the posts there have been some scams going around, and I'm sorry for all the people who lost their hard earned money to those crooks.
Has anybody been able to build one? I'm working on one now using LITE BRIX and lego. To describe it, it's more of "a" handlink, not "the" handlink. I'm going to try to post pics, but I'd like to get a creative thread going here, and find out what other fans have done and are doing to make this incredible little prop. Maybe we can all figure something out and get this prop made.
Thanks for your time.


Frank T.
Super hi-res shot of the Handlink prop

I never built handlink.
would be interesting to have an handlink but with some function. for example a tv remote control with handlink form. if you are able with elettronics, you could build a lamp with handlink form, or a light switch from wich you can turn on light.