Hi folks!



I look forward to many great Quantum Leap debates between us!

ABSOLUTELY love the site!
Welcome Malicity! Welcome!

Enjoy what you've found here. This is a great website and great people come here and enjoy themselves!

Just want to let you know .... before anyone else tells you that it's not the truth....

We are all nuts. ;)




The Rod supposes a welcome is in order....or IS it?

According to your mutterings on the Sci Fi site, The Rod thought you already had a user handle here.

Allow The Rod to enlighten you all. Malicity posted the following at www.jamokiecentral.com (SciFi's QL Board):

"Al's place...I am one of you. I have been for over two months. I poste on a very regular basis. I have assumed this identity of malicity in order to anonymously reveal your unethical practices. who am i? I am right under your nose. I am among you. you will never figure it out. you can not possibly guess, though you are welcome to try. "

The Rod says If you haven't seen this posting, perhaps you should read this part as well:

"The operators of al's place have indeed played us all for fools. by subjecting us to the manufactured spewings of timo and his cronies, and pushing us gently in their direction (by means of the plugs from mindless automatons like mstalalon, who aren't smart enough to know they are being used--like I said, whore), they have herded us all into their deceitful embrace. Like I said, a brilliant scheme. Well-executed. bravo, al's place operators. I salute you. "

To see the full post:


Welcome Malicity, to Al's Place....... Home of The Rod.
Ok. I've read what Malicity wrote... and I read what the Rod has posted back to them not only at Sci Fi but here as well...

Do we have to go through this again? *sigh*

If Malcity is going to be pleasant... which I hope that she/he is... then let's play nice children and be good little toddlers... and toddlettes.

With love,
~*~@ Robyn
Benefit of the doubt...?

I'm curious:

On what basis should a person be granted a second chance? In this case I hope it is a very strict one. I for one have had my fill of this person.

Nevertheless...welcome to the board, Malicity. I hope reconciliation is your goal. You'll find that a little courtesy goes a long way at Al's Place.

Re: Benefit of the doubt...?


I ... erg... I didn't mean to start anything ....

I watched this happen with another post. People getting upset over this type of thing. Other than what I already saw on the SCI FI board (which today is honestly the first day that I've been there), everyone deserves a second chance... don't they? And then some?

I seem to recall something saying, "Turn the other cheek..."

It seems to me that I live by always turning the cheek... continually. It may just be me... but it's how I live. I'm not asking anyone to live the same way... but it is an option.

~*~@ Robyn