Idea- Episode Posters


Project QL Intern
Nov 22, 2008
I have had this idea for a while. Imagine if each episode of Quantum Leap got a movie style poster. Each episode was almost like a little movie anyways.

There are so many directions that could be gone in. Drawing inspiration from films of similar genres. For example "How the Tess was Won" and "The LAst Gunfighter" would be Western style. "THe Wrong Stuff" could be inspired in of course by the "The RIght Stuff". But instead of a lineup of Astronauts Sam in the middle of a group of chimps.

Also ideas could be gotten from the time period in which the episode take place. Emulating the style of posters of that era.

In the Golden Age of Hollywood actors did multiple movies a years. Looking at their posters you see the wide range of their roles. Due to the high number of releases each posters had to show how a actors last role and film was unique from the last. I have often seen Scott Bakula, with his wide ranging talents, as continuing in the vein of actors of this earlier age. Which was perfectly showcased on a weekly basis on Quantum Leap. I think posters for the episodes would be great way to celebrate that.

So any artists want to give it a try?
Obviously I don't expect one person to do every episode. Just for individuals to pick one or two episodes.

Photoshop posters are welcome to. Not just drawings. Yes I going to do one of my own. "The Wrong Stuff" one if I can find the right source pictures.