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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas
Yes, I just finished watching the Langoliers! Dean Stockwell talking about time and how it was impossible to travel back in time because they were in the past... and it was being eaten up by the Langoliers! Talk about a switcheroo!

Doing the Langoliers and then moving to Quantum Leap! :)

I'm a member of the Langoliers Support Group... (naw, there really isn't one... it's just a funny thing we talk about sometimes on the Sassies)

I love this movie, but I do acknowledge how stupid it can be sometimes. However, I love Stephen King's view on time travel, and I tend to believe it more than the QL view on time travel... minus the Langoliers, though. ;-)

Dean looks great in this movie... Oh, wait. He looks good in EVERY movie! hehehe