LoNigro, Sebastian "Bobby"

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LoNigro, Sebastian "Bobby"


Now played by: Joe Mantegna (was recast from original actor)

Job: Physics Professor at MIT; Former Quantum Physicist at Project Starbright.

First Appearance: Episode 215, ?Her Charm? (original series);

Reintroduced: in SBP Episode 001, ?Origins? (tied to TVS continuity)

Full Name: Sebastian Robert LoNigro (known as ?Bobby? during the Star Bright era)

Date of Birth: December 4, 1938 (as established in The Starbright Project)

Current Status: Unknown

In the summer of 1973, he and Sam worked out the string theory at his lake cabin in the Berkshires. When Sam was Peter Langly, an FBI agent assigned to protect Dana Barrenger, he took her to the cabin, assuming they would be safe. After it was all over, the professor arrived. "Don't you know who I am?" Sam shouted. "I'm Sam Be--" Then he leaped. LoNigro and Dana Barrenger later married. (Charm)

He may also be the professor who told Tom that a brain like Sam's only comes along once in a generation. (Home)