Looking for a beta reader/writing partner


Project QL Intern
Oct 6, 2022
I don't know if I can write QL fanfiction, but if we are only ever going to get fandom based resolution its time to write something that links the new series and the old, similar to what I had hoped to see on screen.

Long ago I wrote part of a Sami Jo based post Mirror Image story, on physical paper, where she finds herself drawn to the mothballed remains of the project, finds out about her past and reactivates Ziggy. I never even posted it. I wasn't in the fandom in those days and I just wasn't happy with how the characters sounded, even though I liked the story.
I may try to dig that one out again someday and maybe I can write everyone better now?

I seem to have started a new story with the moment Al's life changed and he suddenly has Beth and a family and its intended to go forward through the revival project and beyond.

Any one interested?
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