Lothoman, Siren

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

played by: Kathy Ireland

Job: n/a

First Appearance: VS Episode 811, ?Life?s Probability Leap?

Date of Birth: January 1, 1979

Current Status: Deceased (revealed to have been killed by Tala in VS Episode 1131, ?Give Me Death?)

Second of twin daughters through Nathaniel Lothoman and Zo? Malvison

Siren is the lesser of the two women when it comes to evilness. She can't stand someone getting hurt. Siren thwarted Tala's plans for Project Quantum Leap. It was only because of Siren's thoughtfulness of others that seemingly caused her demise.
Vince Beckett said:
I thought Siren was the evil one and Tala was the better of them

Nope. In the QL Virtual Seasons, Siren is the twin whom Sam convinced to betray her sister. Tala was the dominatrix with a vengeful streak in her.