March 13th 2012 SPOILER ALERT discussion


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Oct 6, 2022
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If you have not watched episode 12 and do not already know what this date is - go watch the ep - even is the topic makes you uncomfortable. Even if its a bit triggering or you don't like the ep or the topic or it feels to much like a PSA - this topic is not for any of that it is about the newest revelations and what we think this means for the charactors and overall story.

Really I mean it
Spoilers Ahead


So WOW. Right.

How much in the future did Ian leap from? Is that Ian still leaping, manage to erase themselves, return to an altered future, deliberately find somewhere else in time to hide?

How long had future-Ian been leaping?
Were they swiss-cheesed?

Did future Ian have a hologram also?

Who would that hologram be?

Which facility did future Ian use? The one Janis made, the current one, the old one in New Mexico, some new one Sam made? Lothos headquarters?

Were the seeds that make this possible created in this ep with Ian being given access to the imaging chamber by Addison?

That Ian leaped into Dottie, a person that they would be more comfortable as then most, speaks to there being much more control over who to leap into at the time this leap was made.
Also just how much info did future Ian impart?

It seems Ben didn't reach out to Janis right away and Ian was only Dottie for one week so unless Ian or someone continued to show up in relation to Ben after this a lot of data was given to Ben which was also eventually used to convince Janis.

Janis said she had no choice - why? Was she the future hologram?

It was obviously critical that Ben's project got started 5 years earlier then it otherwise would have - what happens in 5 years and why March 13 2020? Dottie is a reasonable choice for Ian's comfort but why did Dottie work for the job that was needed?
They said the club is not really Ben's scene so people wouldn't look for a meeting there - but why Dottie? - how would they even know Ben would listen in 2020 to this specific person in this specific situation?.

Honestly , it implies that Future Ben or someone gave info to Ian on how to get 2020 Ben to trust and believe what was being said - now granted he was working on a time travel project which would eventually allow this but whatever info Dottie imparted led to Ben believing then contacting Janis and getting her to abandon her life for this and feel she has no choice - and again this already feels like we are in an altered timeline where Janis *was* originally on the project and then was kept off it by something changing.

I also wonder if the reason Ben needs to save Addison actually from her accidental or intentional killing or could it be an attempt to *erase* her somehow?

Was she accidentally killed? Murdered? Was she instead captured and brainwashed by Lothos? Perhaps arrested and thrown in prison on trumped up charges - maybe she is killed while leaping or simply lost I'm time. Needing to save her can mean many things.

We still have quite a few dangling threads from the original series - Sam is the biggest elephant missing from our room - but there are plenty of others.

And ugh where does the other leaper to be, who Ben met, fit in. What about some of the other changes made are they just stepping stones to build temporal momentum or do the specific lives he touch matter also in the master plan?
Ah the tangled webs being weaved.

First, we have Leaper X, then Addison's future death and now a future Ian not just leaping into a date that predates Ben's leaping but even meeting with Ben in the guise of a transvestite or transgender poet.

All these timelines are becoming a perfect time travel mess and while I appreciate that we are being shown the effects Ben is having on his present (Ian being affected without realizing it by Ben putting Gia in the game was mind-blowing), Leaper X was convoluted enough without adding Ian into the equation.

That said, since Ian's leap into Dottie pre-dated Ben's leaping I am wondering if Ian is attempting to get Ben back by stopping him from leaping in the first place which is misguided and wrong because it undoes all the good Ben has done but it's an interesting concept.

My question is, where did Dottie get Ian's face from with there being no established waiting room concept?

I'm loving Magic's new revelations and hope that Janice spends more time with the team and perhaps even joins them.
I just wondered if something crazy like Ben leaping into Ian, who in turn leaped into Dottie. Maybe that was a big cover up to protect what they wish to achieve.

My biggest question at the moment is what is Jenn doing? Is she the mole in the camp? She made some strange facial expressions during ep15. Ummmm. My eye is on her for the remainder of season 1.
This show is beginning to remind me of Heroes—and I hated that. When you cant tell who the good/bad people are, it’s just annoying… and it certainly isn’t original