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Ohboy :)

The newspaper I worked at, it has an english supplement in it called Greek beat.

Just to clear things up, if your wandering, I am working at a different paper now.

So I hope I am making sense with what I've been saying in my last few posts :)

I only did one panel, but, LOL, it did crap and I never did it again.

I know it was only one time but I've done several shall I say, shortlived jobs that I still tell people about. Silly me I dunno why! I guess its the nice comments I get from people! Like your comment when you said "cool" :)

My way of thinking tends to be silly at times LOL so this strip is meant to be about time travel. Being a leap fan, my strip had to be about time travel!

It was meant to be about a guy who could travel in time and meet people. Make friends. See them all the time. It would be about every day life!

I would tried to make it silly. Have silly names for people.

As I said, it did unwell, so.....

I hope I don't burn everybodies eyes out with this post of my panel :)