My FanFiction


Project QL Intern
hello, i'm new. i suppose i'll introduce myself here. i'm bcbdrums, i'm a musician.

i knew quantum leap existed a few years back, but i only just watched the whole series for the first time this january/february. i can't believe i went my whole life without knowing about the awesomeness that is QL!

so accordingly, i've started writing fanfiction. i have two stories complete and published on, and i thought i'd link to them here. they could both use editing, but i think they're okay.

this first one i wrote before i'd even finished watching the series; i got the idea after seeing a certain episode and the idea wouldn't leave me. so here is my first story, "promise kept."

my second story i also wrote before finishing the series, but very close to the end. it makes a vague reference to MI which i knew all about from various articles before i had even seen it (i'm the type to skip to the end of a book and spoil myself on the ending). so here is "the second-to-last leap."

enjoy! ;)