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Aug 16, 2004
I've been updating and adding to my graphics site ( Here a couple of the latest desktop wallpapers I've added:


QL%20Wallpaper%20159sm.jpg Wallpaper 159.jpg
ION shows Boston Legal Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8 - 11 (although they recently aired the episode Scott was in). It's also out on DVD. Scott was in the 4th season episode "Glow In the Dark" (although sometimes it's also called "Rescue Me"). It's on disc 4 of the 4th season set if anyone wanted to rent it through Netflix or something similar (although, if you've never seen the series, I'd recommend the whole thing).
I found your website some weeks ago. I love your work, it's georgous! :hurray: I have a wallpaper on my desktop. I often change it because they are all so great.

Did I understand it right that I may use one of your icons as an avatar here in the forum when I accompany a credit to your website somewhere here (perhaps in my signature)?
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