Need some help with Handlink audio files

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Project QL Intern
Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone has got what im looking for here.

Im in the process of building a handlink and I am looking to isolate the sound effects used on the show to program into the sound chip in the prop.

I did see the files page and the audio files there are ok, but they were not recorded in a high enough quality for what I want to do.

Has anyone already thought about building a handlink and gotten high quality sound effects? If not, Ill get the DVDs and try and get them on my own, I was just hoping someone had already done it.

Thanks in advance,
Rob Werden
you could always use a synthasizer and use the "human voice" setting for when Al hits the handlink sound... you would have to use a slightly high pitch and then use pitch control so that when you make the sound, you immediately drop the pitch with your left hand on pitch control. You could probably create almost all the sounds on a synth if you try hard enough. See, the Handlink's i build only have 1 sound effect on them and they are 10 seconds long. I used one or 2 of the Midi Files that are on this website for that. They sound fine inside the handlink.. loud enough and usually very plain.. I have even experimented with my electric guitar to get some of the sounds and it sounds exactly like it!! ;) i use my whammy bar (not attatched to the guitar) and i use high gain on distortion and what i do is take my whammy bar and lightly touch the high e string and slide it a bit.. if you do that and just "tap.. tap... then Slide" in the right spot you will get that familiar sound we all love on the handlink. Just experiment with different sounds.. Try an old Transistor radio if you can find one and put it on an A.M station and let it feedback.. I saw your handlink by the way, nice work.