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Happy 35th Anniversary to Quantum Leap!

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Quantum Leap, we have released a brand new video library for the revival series!

Every eyeball leap-in sequence, every SFX leap sequence, every saga sell, every commercial, a massive index of interviews and promos, and so much more!

And that's not all... we have also completely updated and refreshed the Novels & Reference Books section AND the Comic Book sections! Tons of additional info is now in there. You can also download .pdf versions of EVERY comic book!

We hope you enjoy all this new content and be sure to join us with the Quantum Leap Podcast tonight for a live watch party of "Genesis" which started it all. Happy 35th, Leapers!

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Hey there, bartender! I sent you this email a while ago but it was probably in your spam.

So I just had the funniest realization! I was looking through the site, still very much sad about Matt and the cancellation, and I saw that you have the novels for download. I thought, that's funny. The only one I don't have is Double or Nothing because I really thought it was bad and thought that maybe I should get it just so my collection is complete. Only it seems that's the only one you don't have!

A couple years ago, I owned and operated a print shop. I am very much a digital kind of person so I took my novels, cut off the spine with my industrial cutter, and ran them through my scanner. My own little digital copy. Years later, on Facebook or Reddit (don't recall which), there was a post about the novels and how hard they were to find, so I took mine, loaded it onto my Dropbox, and gave them a link.

While on your site today I suddenly had a funny feeling and I went to Angels Unaware and noted the wear and tear marks on the cover, then opened my version. Yep! The same! Somehow my copies found their way to you!

Now, I don't care at all about getting the credit for these, but I just thought it was hilarious and, frankly, I love Matt Dale getting the credit for giving them to you. I also have some fanzines that I scanned if you wanted to include those. I can send you a dropbox link - just let me know.

The published material I have is on my google drive, so happy to share that as well!

I wanted to add that, in addition to the fanzines, I also have a lot of interviews and leapcon videos. Please let me know how I can get these to you if you are interested.
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Wow! That is amazing that it's the same copy! I put double or nothing on there just this week so it is there now!

I would love to have any and everything that you have! If you want to put it in a Dropbox or Google Drive and send me a link to I will get all of that on the site to share with everyone! I have been adding stuff left and right to the episode guide these past few weeks.

And no I did not get the email! Thank you for sharing this here!

Thank you for the offer, this is amazing!
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Oh, you're sweet! My name is Ann Marie Marvin. I used to be super active....oh...a couple decades ago. LOL! I'll email you the link for the fanzines and I'll see if I can dropbox some other things. I'll send you a list of what I have.
I have uploaded and linked everything you sent me - fanzines and books. These are great additions! Even the A to Z book - very cool!