One of my favorite scenes from Enterprise


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Jonathan Archer and his first officer, T'Pol, are tied up on the planet Coridan and Archer says, "Houdini could get out of this.". He goes on to explain that Harry Houdini was a famous magician whom lived in 20th century Earth. I always smile when I see that scene because I think about the QL episode where Scott's Sam Beckett character leaped into Harry SPONTINI. There are quite a bit QL references in Star Trek ENT. Every time T'Pol says, "The Vulcan science directorate has determined that time travel is impossible." Okay bad example, that one is more like Trek humor in that several times in TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY a lot of those characters travelled in time. Can you think of anymore QL references?

Steve B.
I'm just at the beginning of ENT season 2 at the moment, but I laughed my butt off when I looked at the summary for season 4 on the German DVDs, which pretty much translated to: "Captain Archer travels back in time to put right what once went wrong". I was seriously wondering if I was looking at the right series! :)

I don't have a favourite scene in ENT yet, but my favourite episodes so far are "One night in sickbay" (because of all the Porthos drama) and "Twilight" - Archer with a swiss cheesed brain. ;-) Looking forward to the rest of the episodes!

Night in sickbay... priceless lol.
One of my favorites as well, along with singularity.... we need that cupholder! :p Reed alert.
Another potentially ql ish element there is Phlox's insane amount of degrees. Although he's from a long lived species of course.

(Is that what it says in German? I don't have the german ones but I shall check.)
Night in sickbay... priceless lol.
(Is that what it says in German? I don't have the german ones but I shall check.)
I don't have the German ones either, I just saw them at a friend's place, so I don't recall the exact wording. But I was really confused what series I had in front of me ;-)
Would have been funny. Do you remember what exactly it said in German? I'm curious. :)