Paramount Studios


Project QL Intern
Jan 12, 2009
I was thinking of doing the Paramount tour on the Monday. Is it far from the Holiday Inn, and is it accessible by public transport?
I believe you have to call and make an advance reservation,and can't book online.
I didn't know Paramount had tours, I always go to Universal Studios after all they have made the best tv shows and movies in the world! QL and BTTF to name two.
Can I suggest the Warner Brothers tour instead? It's far superior to the Paramount tour, and I've walked it from Universal - you can actually see the WB backlot from the Universal backlot. Then again, I'm a huge Harry Potter geek, so I make repeated visits to the WB tour every time I'm in LA just to see the Harry Potter floor of the museum, so I'm rather biased ... I'm also a Friends and Gilmore Girls fan, so geek out at getting to see sets for those shows.

If you can afford $145, do the Deluxe tour, which includes lunch in one the backlot restaurants, and a higher level of access to sets and a more in-depth tour. It lasts about 5.5 hours, compared to the regular tour, which is about 2.5 hours.

The Paramount Studios is enjoyable, though, if you chose to go to that one instead, and if you take the metro down to Hollywood, you can walk to Paramount Studios - it's about 1.5 miles, IIRC from when I walked it.
Thanks for that, I was tempted by Warner Bros. but Paramount won out, as I just want to be on the hallowed soil where Star Trek was made. The tour is a bonus! So I booked it this morning, and it looks like I can get there by two buses.