Place to download all episodes of Quantum Leap




I?m a new leaper, my name is MariJose "Alda". I?ve written in Scifi and finally i?ve found Al?s place. Now it?s very late at night here in Germany (where i?m living for some months, but i?m spanish), so i can?t introduce myself properly to all of you (i need to sleep), so i?ll do it tomorrow. But i wanted to help that boy who is looking for a place to download all episodes of Quantum Leap. Perhaps you know the link and this is an old information for you, but, in case you don?t, this is the page:

It?s a VERY GOOD :hurray website where you can download ALL EPISODES OF QUANTUM LEAP. Well, really you need the eMule, and you have to wait till the people is on internet. But the good thing is that you have a good chance to find someone who has the episode you are looking for. "Number of hits", in the right part of the screen when you are in the list of episodes, means the number of persons that have downloaded that episode with that name, so it?s easier you find someone (you know how EMule works, right?).

I?m downloading all episodes from that page, and some of them are quite quick to download, only 2 or 3 days of waiting; and others are quite slow, i suppose it?s because when people download them, put them in a CD inmediately, or there are not too much people that have downloaded that episode.

Good luck!!... and good night!

MariJose Alda