Platinum ticket For Sale: 4th row!!!!


Project QL Intern
Apr 15, 2008
Hi Everyone!

Well I have a good news for you... I will be unable to go to the Convention next March:banghead . I was really looking forward to come to the Convention for the first time, Unfortunate for me but very fortunate for you Leapers!

I have to sell my ticket which is located on D 87 :b (4th row!).
Trust me this is a very good seat close to the stage that I got just half of an hour after the opening of the sale of the QL tickets in March 2008!

Those Platinum tickets are SOLD OUT since months so you will be very lucky!

If you want to buy it from me simply send me an e-mail at or post a reply offlist to this thread.

Ticket for Sale

This ticket has been confirmed. Great seat! Includes both nightly parties as well.

I have agreed to purchase this ticket from Sophie. I will send you a confirmation email when the transaction is completed so that you can transfer the ticket into my name.

Thanks for all that you and your committee members are doing for all the QL fans!