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Aug 26, 2002
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Formal ratings for this season have been cancelled.

Due to real life (amazing enough encroaching on everyone's time) it's more prudent to rate the stories as we would rate and discuss the Television episodes that Brian put up on the site here for us.

Hence forth, if you decided that you would like to rate the stories, feel free to do so with the 1 - 5 rating here on the Quantum Leap Messageboard where the notification is put out for the new story.

For example if you'd like to rate 1401 The Interrogation, please go to the story marked as such and within that thread rate the story and then place your comments and ratings in your post.

Thank you guys for understanding.

Remember: Constructive criticism is the key. If you would rather have a heated debate over the storyline, please contact the writer OFF THE MESSAGEBOARD.

Thanks all!

We hope that you enjoy the season.
Not open for further replies.