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Nov 1, 2001
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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but in case anyone is interested, my QL/Enterprise crossover fanfic comic has just recieved a new installment (Part 12 ). Part 13 should be up in the next couple of weeks... Admittedly, it's not much by way of plot, but it has the potential to make things a little more interesting...

Thanks for all your support guys! Feedback is always appreciated! :)
Hi all,

gelfling1220 has been working on this comic book for over three years now, and it's up to page 38! I am trying to convince her it's worth finishing... maybe you all can cheer her on! lol

She allowed me to archive it here on the website, so I put it in the comic book section.

gelf, I'd personally love to see it finished!


If you haven't taken a look at this before... it's really well done. :hurray:
:poke Another vote for getting back to work on it, gelf....:nudge, nudge:
Yes, you really should work on it! I read through it when I found it, and I loved it! I'm glad this thread is here so I can comment on it. So another vote to continue from me.
I'm Hooked


Got to find out what happens. Can't leave it where it is now! Gotta know how it ends!

Note: I did some calculating. It is unlikely with a 151 year spread that Sam Beckett would only be his g-grandfather if the lineage comes through Sammie Jo Fuller. Using the general concept of the TVS (with Isabella being born in 2005), Sammie Jo would have been 39 when she had her first child (and at that age, unlikely (although not impossible) to have more). For Sam to be Archer's G-Grandfather, Isabella would have had to be Archer's mother. Since Capt. Archer is in his late 40's or early 50's for Enterprise, he would have had to be born between 2100 and 2105. A 95 year old mother is not likely.

Archer is seen playing with his father in Broken Bow. The book indicates Archer is age 9. His father looks to be perhaps in his 30's or even perhaps early 40's. That would put his father being born in (at earliest for the early 40's scenario) 2064.

Keeping the g-grandfather scenario, if you have a different child of Sam's being the link to Archer's line (Again using the TVS concept of Stephen, born in 1995), then Stephen would have been 70 when Archer's father was born. Not impossible but unlikely.

OK...now assuming is yet another child of Sam who has Archer's father at an older age of say 40, for the earliest birth of Archer's father being 2064, then this other child of Sam's would have to be born in 2024 (Sam would be 70), not impossible but again unlikely.

It is more likely that Sam would have been Archer's ggg-grandfather (using resonable human generational ranges assumptions). The story would still work. And, since Phlox has different familial understandings then humans, his statement that Sam could be Archer's G-grandfather could be referring to a general Denobian concept of "long lineage descendant." Thus there would be no conflict in the storyline as is being developed.

Just thought I point that out.
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Is there more??

I see this is a really old thread. I discovered the comic through the main website for the time. Good timing too, I just bought the complete series of both Quantum Leap and Enterprise on Blu Ray. Long time fan of both.

I would love to see a resolution to this. I am sure this took a lot of work. Maybe you could give us a brief summary of what you had planned.
Hi I am the one who has Sam leap into Archer because those are two rolls played by Bakula. Does anyone want me to work on them?