QL on iTunes


Project QL Intern
May 21, 2008
I just noticed that Quantum Leap Season 1 is available on iTunes -- $21.89 for 11 episodes.:hurray:

Someone posted a comment that said iTunes messed up by breaking "Genesis" into two episodes and that there were two episodes in the list that actually aired in season 2. I figured BONUS, but it bugged him/her.


(Note to mods: I thought the DVD forum was a good place for this. If you have a better spot, feel free to move the thread.)
Awesome! Too bad I don't have iTunes! Naw, I've got the DVDs anyway, but it'd be useful for music videos... Arh, I'll just rip 'em off the DVDs; no point spending the extra cash. XD
Here's the big question: Do the episodes have the original music like the streaming Netflix episodes?

And, does downloading the episodes circumvent the original home video contracts?
Has anybody noticed that all five seasons are up for sale on iTunes now? I've downloaded the first two seasons, and a handful of other episodes, will get the rest when I can afford them. They look great in HD, and I can confirm that everything has the original music! That includes Temptation Eyes from season four, which was one of the additional episodes I downloaded! :)
The only issue I've come across so far is that Genesis and Lee Harvey Oswald are the two part versions, as for some reason Genesis Part 2 is cropped to widescreen (no other episodes are).

Does anyone know who to contact about this? I tried emailing iTunes, but they couldn't even understand what I was talking about and thought I couldn't download the files. So I tried Universal, but they said:

"'Quantum Leap' is not a Universal Pictures release, and therefore, we cannot help you with this issue. Please contact the appropriate studio for further assistance with this."

Which seems weird, the files say copyright Universal TV on them.