QL on Netflix


Project QL Intern
May 25, 2009
I discovered that QL is on Netflix now. MIA has Georgia On My Mind in it, but I thought the DVDs omitted most of the original music. Netflix streams DVDs, so did I miss a new release of the DVDs with some of the original music? Thank you!
Netflix is showing Quantum Leap in High Definition, meaning that the 35mm film negatives were scanned. As a side benefit, they contain all the correct music with no substitutions. By the way if you buy the episodes on iTunes, you get the same thing. I've got all 5 seasons of Quantum Leap on my hard drive in High Definition and it's glorious to watch. There are some glitches, and the 2nd half of the Pilot is a syndicated cut version.

Now that Quantum Leap is being released in Blu-ray in Australia, it will be interesting to see if there is improvement.