QL Tech


Project QL Intern
Nov 4, 2022
So I don't think the new show is all that bad. It doesn't have the same heart as the original, but I'm ready to give it a shot.
I've gotten used to the leaping being more mind and no body, but it got me to thinking about the QL program as a whole.

They have at least four world altering technologies before they can even get to time travel.

1. They can force quantum entanglement. I am making an assumption that part of the transfer of Ben's mind to another's body is that they are somehow able to entangle Ben with anther person and cause them to switch.

2. They can separate the mind and body. No one is surprised that Ben didn't physically leap, so they must have been expecting this, which means they've essentially figured out how to separate conciousness from the physical and transmit it someplace. I wonder if the QL tech could be used to "upload" minds to servers or to switch bodies, or even where "donor" bodies could be used by phsyically disabled or injured individuals.

3. They can dematerialize animate and inanimate objects. Just as they aren't surprised that Ben is possessing someone, they don't seem surprised that his body is not in 2022, which suggests they've figured out how to separate the mind and body AND THEN dematerialize and store the body for later integration (everyone says Ben will be back and I feel they mean in the physical sense).

4. They have AI that is so predictive it can tell the future. If you think about it, Ziggy is taking data from that point in time and extrapolating probabilities on what the future will become (from that timepoint perspective) and then choosing the "best" one.

Of course all of this is supposition on how QLP actually works, but even a little true, those are massive "leaps" (forgive the pun) for humanity before we've even tried to travel in time. Talk about overachievers!
I also just had another thought. In the Halloween episode, Ian is looking at a news article that goes away once the timeline is adjusted. It always confused me as to why the people in the control room's memories didn't alter and that they were aware of the two timelines. Two possibilities come to mind.

1. They don't actually remember. Ziggy is just able to hold two timelines and communicate the differences. A cool feature of a super advanced quantum computer. They trust Ziggy is telling them.

2. The QL program is actually not set in a single timeline and that the program creates timelines and that the observer (us the audience) is readjusted to the new timeline after every leap, and the in show observers understand that they are living in a new timeline and that the other has been relegated to an alternate dimension. Hard to wrap my head around this one as much, but trying to figure out why they can observe two disparate timelines with almost no concern.