QL- The Novels: a kind of compendium


Project QL Intern
Jun 11, 2009
I want to list all the books here:

In order of their releases:

1.) QL: The Novel (Carny Knowledge) 1992 (Ashley Mc Connell)

2.) Too close for comfort 1993 (Ashley Mc Connell)

3.) The Wall 1993 (Ashley Mc Connell)

4.) Prelude 1994 (Ashley Mc Connell)

5. ) Knights of the Morningstar 1994 (Melnaie Rawn)
6.) Search and Rescue 1994 (Melissa Crandall)

7.) Random Measures 1994 (Ashley Mc connell)

8.) Pulitzer 1995 (L Elizabeth Storm)

9.) Double or Nothing 1995 (Laura Ann Gliman /C.J.Henderson)

10.) Odyssee 1996 (Barbara E Walton)

11.) Independence 1996 (John Peel)

12.) Angels Unaware 1997 (L Elizabeth Storm)

13.) Obsessions 1997 (Carol Davis)

14.) Lock Ness Leap 1997 (Sandy Schofield)

15.) Heat Wave 1997 (Melanie Kent)

16.) Foreknowledge 1998 (Christopher Defilippis)

17.) Song and Dance 1998 (Mindy Peterman)

18.) Mirrors Edge 2000 (Carol Davis)

There are 2 other Novels that dont tell new stories:

1.) The Beginning 1990 (Julie Robitaille) Episode: Genesis

2.) Ghost and the Gumshoe (Julie Robitaille) Episode: Play it again, Seymour / A Portrait for Troian
Another good place to look for this is http://www.alibris.com That's where I ended up getting mine. Actually, I'd bought them all when they were first released, read them, then a few years later in the process of cleaning stuff up to move, gave them away thinking I'd never read them again. Boy, I regretted that choice.