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Mar 20, 2018
A leap of genius

This story is dedicated to

Dean Stockwell

I can't take all of the credit for this story line this story line came from a radio interview that Scott did saying that if the show had continued Dean would of loved to have done this story line if the show had continued so with great pleasure I am happy to bring this storyline to life In this fan fiction story.

And again I would like to say thank you to both

Scott and Dean

thank you to you both for both of your fantastic performances because without you the show wouldn't of been so loved by so many plus I would like to say a big special thank you to the creator of the show

Donald P. Bellisario

thank you for creating such a magical show because without you there would be no show to have fallen in love with.

So this story is for you to

Chapter 1

"Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished.

He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home."

With a wash of blue light Sam leaped into his next host and when the blue light faded away sam found himself sat down at a deck with a black board behind him.

Sam got up to check his new surroundings but when he looked at the black board behind him what was written took his breath away and took him by complete surprise.

What was written in white chalk was


Sam was in complete shock he said to himself.

"this is Einstein's theory of special relativity."

Even Sam's Swiss cheese memory wouldn't let him forget that.

Sam looked at a near by desk mirror and he saw through the looking glass a young Albert Einstein looking back at Sam through the looking glass.

Sam said to himself

"am Albert Einstein!"

" Oh boy! "

Meanwhile project quantum leap 1999

The blue quantum leap mountain was shining with blue light and a wash of light covered it.

And Al was in the main control room looking closely at the readings on the time machine console.

Al tapped the blue button on the console and blue light hit Ziggy and Al says to Ziggy.

"wheres Sam this time?"

Ziggy says

"admiral Dr Beckett has leaped into Albert einstein at the age of 26 he is currently at the patent office where Albert is currently working."

"Ziggy Sam's leaped into Einstein?"

"that's correct"

"OK gooshe warm up the imaging chamber am going in Sam's going to need me more than ever on this leap."

Al taps the hand link out of his jacket pocket runs up the ramp and enters the imaging chamber.

End of chapter 1
A leap of genius

Chapter 2

The imaging chamber door opens behind sam and sam turns towards Al and they both say at the same time.

"Am Einstein!"

"Your Einstein!"

Sam smiles and says

"This is amazing Al"

Al smiles and says

"Slow down Sam"

Einstein's boss comes into the room

And he says

"What's going on here?"

He notices the black board and looks disappointed he takes the board rubber and rubs out what was written on the board and he simply says to Sam.

"Back to work Albert"

Sam says

"Yes sir"

He leaves and shuts the door behind him.

Sam sits back at Albert's desk and Al reappears on the other side of the desk.

Sam looks at Al and says

"Do you know what this means Al?"

Al looks at sam and says

"We have to be very careful on this leap sam Albert is very important to the history of the world not just to science."

Al taps the hand link and the link glows with yellow and red and green colours.

"OK sam it's 1905 you're leap outside your own life time again and you're leaped outside the country to."

"your in a patent office in Bern,*and sam not long from now Albert will submit a scientific paper showing his theory to the scientific community and not long after this, this has a big impact on the world and everything else is history as they say."

"So sam until we know why you're here you're can't go and change history this is to important"

"So why am I even here Al?"

"Good question Sam let's ask Ziggy"

Al taps the hand link and starts shanking the device and says to himself.

"Come on Ziggy .... Come on"

"Al go back and help Ziggy with the programme"

Al nods he taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens he stands in the door way and says.

"Hang in there sam no changing history ok?"

Sam nods and with that the door closes taking Al back to the future.

End of chapter 2
Chapter 3

As Al was walking down the ramp back into the control room of project quantum leap.

Al says to the head programmer let's run the program and let's find out why Sam has leaped into Albert einstein.

Gooshire nods and starts the program not long after this the readings come through Ziggy.

And she says.

"I can com put there is a 62.3 per cent chance Dr Beckett has leaped into Albert to stop him......"

Al looking confused says

"to stop him Albert einstein why Ziggy?"

But Ziggy remains silent

"Ziggy?, Ziggy? Talk to me?"

Donna says to Al

"it's no use Al I think she already knows why Sam's there for but she's afraid to say right now"

The blue ball of Ziggy just above them continues to remain silent.

Al says

"well I hope we will know soon"

At that moment the head programmer says to Al.

"Admiral I need to inform you that the government has recently reviewed Sam's recent leap information and they have ordered us to hold off informing Dr Beckett why he has leaped to 1905. They have said that the president will give us orders shortly to advise what Sam needs to do to leap. And it is strictly prohibited for Ziggy to advise Sam. "

"the president? Is that way Ziggy stop talking?"

Ziggy says

"that's correct admiral"

Meanwhile the oval office president of the United States of America.

One of the joint chiefs sits down with the president and says to him.

"president for the past five years there has been a top secret project based in New Mexico lead by a scientist called Dr Sam Beckett. And five years ago he used his time machine and he has been traveling through time leaping into and having the ability to experience and relive other peoples lives and he was always sent there to fix time to alter time by changing mistakes in time and forming a better future for people. "

The president replys

" you can't be serious? "

" am very serious president "

" so you're telling me that time travel is possible? And this scientist has been traveling through time for the past five years. "

" that's correct sir"

"why wasn't I informed about this before?"

"it was on strictly on a need to know basis"

"so why tell me now?"

"because sir Dr Beckett has leaped into Albert einstein in 1905 before he came up with the key theory that changed the world sir we have an amazing opportunity to change time for the better......."

End of chapter 3
Chapter 4

The President continues to talk with his joint chiefs and he gets up from his seat and looks outside the window of the oval office and says

"Ok Order Dr Beckett to do it"

The joint chief replys

"Yes sir you won't be sorry sir"

The President turns around and says

"I am not making this decision lightly the course of human history is going to change now in a very big way let's hope the new future we will create will be a better future."

The chief gets up and says

"I'll inform the admiral at once. At the project"

And he leaves the oval office.

And the President is left saying to himself.

"May God be with us"

Army personnel enters the control room and one officer says to Al.

"Admiral any contact with dr Beckett is now restricted until we get the orders from the President of why the Dr has leaped to 1905"

Al replies

"Your can't do that"

The army personnel hands Al special emergency government papers Al reads the papers and says.

"OK you can" Al rolls his eyes

Suddenly another army admiral enters the control room and says to Al.

"We now have orders from the President and it's your job now admiral to make sure Dr Beckett follows these orders to the letter if not you're risking court Marshall you understand admiral."

Al not liking this one bit says.

"Yes sir"

The other admiral says

"we will feed Ziggy the orders and it will come through to you in the usual way admiral through the hand link but this operation is now under government control and must go like clockwork."

The visiting Admiral walks up to the head programmer and hands him the orders and says

"Warm up the imaging chamber and feed the data into Ziggy."

"Yes sir" the head programmer says.

Al walks up the ramp and taps the hand link in his hand and the imaging chamber door opens and the other admiral says to Al.

"Good luck admiral the destiny of America is now in your hands."

Al says "oh boy!" And walks into the whiteness of the imaging chamber and the door closes behind him.

End of chapter 4
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Chapter 5

After work Sam's mind was merging a little with Alberts mind and he knew exactly where he lived and went home after a hard day work.

The Einsteinhaus (Einstein House) is the residence*of Albert Einstein. It was located on Kramgasse No. 49 in Bern, Switzerland. Sam went to Alberts flat on the second floor*of*the*house*was his wife greeted him.

As soon as he closed the front door.

The imaging chamber door opens and Al walks out wearing his admiral uniform with a serious look on his face and says to Sam.

"we need to talk Sam big time."

He encourages Sam to follow him and the hand link goans in his hands.

Sam nods and says to his wife.

"I won't be long"

With a confused look on her face Sam walks into one of the unused rooms in his flat.

And Al hits the hand link and disappears and reappears in Albert einstein study room.

Sam enters the room and closes the door behind him and sits down on the chair opposite his desk. The room has book shelves every were, were the whole shelves are filled with books to do with all kinds of different subjects Alberts desk had a lot of papers on top of it and Sam grabs the near by pipe and puts it in his mouth and starts to smoke it and crosses his legs as he sits and says to Al and waits to listen to what Al has to say.

"what do you have for me Al? Does Ziggy know why am here yet?"

"Sam your acting just like Albert"

Sam with a very disapproving look on his face replays.

"am not Al just tell me why am here?"

Al taps the hand link and the hand link flashes more and says.

"since your leap into Albert Sam your leap has been noticed Sam."

Sam leaning forward interested.

"by who?"

"by the president Sam they decided in a serect meeting that your mission here Sam is to stop Albert from coming up with the theory of relativity and result and stop the world from coming up with the atom bomb."

Sam says

"I can't do that Al if I stopped Albert that is going to cause big changes Al so many changes that we won't predict what could happen."

"I know Sam but the situation at the project has changed"

"how so?"

"The army has used their emergency powers Sam they have taken over the project."

"they can't do that Al"

Al looks at the hand link and says

"try telling them that Sam"

"and if you don't for fill your mission Sam they could close down the project and court Marshall me."

"and does Ziggy agree with them Al?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"the odds look really good Sam"

"really Al?"

"Sam this isn't up for discussion this situation is totally different Sam this time your under orders by the president of the United States of America, America not me or Ziggy is asking you to do this."

Sam says "oh boy!"

End of chapter 5
Chapter 6

Al taps the hand link the device flashes more in front of Sam. And the imaging chamber door opens.

Al stands in the doorway of the white imaging chamber door.

And says before Al disappears

"Sam this time you're got to stop Albert otherwise the project is history."

Sam stands up and says


As Al walks down the ramp a little back into the control Room.

Al sees the image of Sam in the doorway and his Image starts to fade away into white and the door closes again.

As Al walks back into the control room the other admiral says to Al.

"so is Dr Beckett on board with our plan admiral?"

"Sam needs time to think it over he's not sure if he's comfortable with his orders yet"

"admiral if Dr Beckett refuses his orders then we will send someone else to do his duty for him."

"you can't do that sir"

"were in charge now admiral do what you need to do to convince him otherwise we will"

"look let me put it this way since Sam started his leaping into time really none of us is really in charge."

"so who are you saying really is in charge then?"

"do you have faith sir?"

"faith? What's that got to do with anything?"

"everything sir because his in charge"

Al points upwards and the other admiral says.

"who are you talking about?"


Al points up again


The other admiral smiles and says

"you're under orders admiral follow your orders at once otherwise you will have the president to answer to"

Al says

"yes sir"

The other admiral leaves leaving AL looking unsure what to do next.....

The imaging chamber door opens and it's closes and Sam is fileing away papers and says to Al.

"is everything OK Al?"

"no Sam we are In big trouble the white house is putting pressure on us Sam if you don't change history I'll have to answer to the president and I don't know what will happen to me or the project"

"Al what if am not here to do that to change history the way they want me to change it if I miss why am really here I could be stuck in this time for the rest of my life. Ask Ziggy Al ask her why am here?"

Al looking thoughtful and he taps the hand link and asks Ziggy.

But Ziggy remains silent....

End of chapter 6
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Chapter 7

As Sam was left in Alberts study to ponder over his situation more carefully a idea suddenly hit Sam like a train.

He found a another black board in the Room and he took the chalk and started to write on the black board a scientific formula. With both Sam's mind together merging at a fast rate with Alberts two geniuses at once was trying to solve the problem.

After a few hours of work and checking and double checking his work Sam looked over the completed formula and said out loud to himself.

"I've done it I can go home!"

Meanwhile project quantum leaps waiting room

Al was standing in the blue room being guarded by army personnel making sure Al doesn't do anything to ruin the mission that they were ordered to follow.

Al says to Albert.

"Albert einstein it is so good to meet you"

"where am I?"

"it's a little difficult to explain Albert but you have traded places with a good friend of mine through time"

"so you're friend is a time traveler?"



"what's your name young man?"

"my name is Al they call me Al"


"it's a pleasure to meet you Al but do you always come to visit people under armed guard Al?"

"no only this time"

"why Al is it to do with me?"

"in a way yes but it's nothing to worry about"

Albert then noticed his reflection in the mirror in the table in the center of the waiting room.

He touches his own face and says

"this is fascinating Al what you're friend has done is nothing short of genius"

"well coming from you I am sure Sam would be over the moon"

Suddenly as both Alberts mind and Sam mind was merging even more Sam's full personality came back to Sam in the waiting room.

Sam looks at Al and says



"it's me Al both mine and Alberts mind is merging even more but I think we have solved the problem?"

"what problem?"

"why the retrieval program didn't work both me and Alberts mind has been working on the problem and I think we're cracked it Al"

Al smiles and Alberts personally comes back through to Sam's.

"Al may I see this time machine just for scientific purposes of course?"

Al says

"I'll try and arrange something"

Al says his good byes to Albert and he leaves the waiting room under armed guard.

End of chapter 7
Quantum leap

Chapter 8

Sam was so pleased looking over his formula both Albert and his mind had produced on the black board was Sam's golden ticket home back to his own time he was so pleased with himself he nearly cried.

Sam was of course a genius in his own right he had many degrees to proof that fact plus him actually travelling through time was another proof.

But the two geniuses inside of him had actually come up with the golden ticket sam needed to leap home.

Suddenly he heard the familiar sound of the imaging chamber door open. And Al said out looking very serious on his face.

Sam turned around and said to Al.

"you won't believe this Al but i have done it!"

"done what?" with a confused look on his face.

"come here Al look at the blackboard."

Al looked at the board but it didn't mean anything to him.

He took a cegar and started to smoke it he blew out some smoke rings and said when he took the cegar out of his mouth.

"what does all this mean sam?"

"its the formula data code for ziggy to bring me home"

Looking really excited on Sams face.

"so your saying all I need to do is type all this stuff into ziggy and upload it into her memory banks and she can leap you home."

"in theory yes"

"wow" al was impressed and said

"not surprising when there are two geniuses inside of you right now working out the problem."

"i know i can't wait to try it"

"but Sam we are going to have to put your theory on hold just for the moment"


"its time sam"

"oh no Al i don't think I am here to change history in that big of a way."

Al taps his handlink the device shines all over.

"you're under orders sam if you don't follow your orders the government will pull the plug on the project Sam you can say goodbye to me and ziggy."

"they can't do that Al"

"try telling them that Sam but its not so straight forward plus if you don't do it they are going to send another leaper to this time to do it so one way or other its got to happen."

Sam looking sad on his face plus serious at the same time not sure what to do next says to Al.

"ok what must I do?"

Al taps the hand link and says.

"ziggy has done a location search and says the theory Albert is famous for is in the top draw of his writing desk all you need to do is burn it sam. Once it is burnt albert won't have another chance to submit his findings to the science community so history will change.

Sam nodded in agreement took a deep breath.

He went over to the writing desk found the theory and found a heat source and before he started to burn it he said to Al.

"i hope we are doing the right thing"

Al took a deep breath too and looked at the hand link and said.

"me too buddy but we won't know until you burn it"

Sam started to burn the papers and in that moment Al tapped the handlink and said to Sam.

"times changing Sam its changing!"

And in that moment of reflection Sam was over come in a wash of bright blue light and Sam quantum leaps.....Into a unknown future......