Quantum leap after leap


Project QL Intern
Mar 20, 2018
Quantum leap after leap

"You've done it Sam!"

Al looks at his handlink to Ziggy he taps the handlink.

"You've changed history"

Sam smiles looking at Al and in that moment Sam is covered from head to toe in blue bright light and Sam leaps out.

After the blue light fades away.

Warren was back in his own body back in his own time and he blacks out and collapses.

Suddenly the next moment Warren finds himself waking up in a hospital bed and he is being closely monitored by the doctor's a nurse walks in and says.

"Warren are you ok? Can you remember where you are?"

Warren sits up in bed and suddenly a flash of memory hits him of the waiting room and he remembers looking at his own face in the mirror being different.

He says back to the nurse

"Is this the waiting room?"

The nurse looking really confused at this point.

"The waiting room?"

"A name is coming back to me......"

As he trys to remember thinking hard to himself.

"Dr Sam Beckett.....yes that's it, is he here?"

The nurse looks at Warren in a worrying way

"I think I need to inform the doctor about this"

She quickly leaves the room leaving Warren all by himself.

He sees a mirror in the room and as he looks at his own reflection he just sees himself looking back through the looking glass.

Then suddenly his image changes into Sam's in the white jump suit. As he remembers seeing Dr Beckett refection back in the waiting room.

He says to his own reflection.

"I don't know who you are Sam but I will find you if it's the last thing I do"