The Quantum Leap Podcast Quantum Leap Aftershow! - Episode 211 "The Outsider"


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Albie, Hayden, John Irons, and Brian Greene break down the eleventh episode of season two of Quantum Leap "The Outsider"! AND we speak with Deborah Pratt! (-- See Scott Bakula LIVE! The conversation methodically reviews the episode, discussing various themes and storylines. The hosts analyze the predictability of the plot and the balance between entertainment and surprise. They also highlight the strong female characters and the direction of Deborah Pratt. The resignation of someone at HQ and the consequences of Ian and Jen's actions are explored. The potential for a reset and the future of the show are considered. The conversation concludes with a discussion of the interview with Deborah Pratt and a mention of the podcast's sponsorship. John Irons discusses their recent experience attending Scott Bakula's show and meeting him in person. They also talk about asking questions during the Q&A session and taking photos with Scott. Additionally, they mention having dinner with other podcasters and attending the Back to the Future show. The conversation concludes with a mention of an upcoming trip.

00:00:10 Segment One
00:47:45 Deborah Pratt Interview
01:22:55 Segment Two
01:44:57 Our Ratings
01:49:00 Our friend Matt Dale
01:51:47 Space Bear!

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