Quantum leap alternative ending fan fiction re-write to the ending of mirror image


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Mar 20, 2018
This is a alternative ending to the TV episode "mirror image" this is fan fiction I hope you will all enjoy it!

An alternative ending to mirror image a fan fiction re write by me.......

Sam says to Beth smiling

"Als Alive!"

Sam smiles at Beth and Beth looking over joyed with happiness and at that moment the camera pans over to a picture of young Al while the music she was dancing to continues to play in the background and at that moment the picture of Al's younger self is covered from head to toe in quantum leap light and he leaps!

Al reappears in a picture of a family picture of him with his wife Beth and with there daughters.

Beth never remarried

She and Al have four daughters and will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary in June.

Sam leaps into the great beyond.....

Sam returns home and after spending five years looking into mirror images that weren't his own he now lives a peaceful life with his wife Donna in New Mexico they have 4 children two boys and 2 girls both Sam and Al both celebrate their wedding anniversaries together. Plus Sam is reunited with his other daughter Sammy jo fuller.

With the project on hold A few years later Sam steps once again into the quantum leap accelerator and vanishes!

He once again wakes up trapped in the past facing mirror images that wasn't his own and putting right what once went wrong hoping each time his next leap is the leap home.....

With Sam being able to leap into time as himself and being able to control his leaps he does not forget about his present and returns home many times to his wife Donna and to his present he does the two things that he loves doing the most in life traveling through time and being there for his wife Donna......

project quantum leaps continues.......!

The end
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