Quantum Leap Blu-Ray Complete Series Feb 7 2017

Just picked up the UK Blu-Ray Complete Series and had a quick scan. However did notice that "Lee Harvey" was in the movie version not the 2 part that was on the US Blu-Ray set? Has anyone else noticed any differences between the UK and the US?
Sorry if this has been discussed before, but what does the statement, "The vast majority of the original music has been restored for our release!" mean? What episodes/ songs have not been restored? I never need anything to be "better" than how it originally aired. Never. So I don't ever need or want an HD version of an SD show. I'd be tempted to get the Blu Ray set only if ALL of the music has been restored. I have the Universal seasons and the UK soundtracks. I'd be happy just muxing those together if the Blu Ray set is sub-par. What is the final word on the set? Is there ANY missing music? Any episodes changed besides the JKF one? I've seen mixed info about the picture quality as well. Is it as least as consistent as the Universal DVDs?