Quantum leap "imagine"


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Mar 20, 2018
Quantum leap "imagine"

Leap date:- October 9 1980

Theorising that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Doctor Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished... He woke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so Doctor Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home…

Sam leaps in blue bright light and when the light fades away Sam finds himself.

Wearing sunglasses and wearing a blue denim shirt and jeans with a black tie with yellow stripes across the lower half of the tie.

Sam was looking out of the apartment window and Sam could see in the sky a sky message written in the sky it reads

"Happy Birthday John & Sean - Love Yoko."

Sam reads the message and says to himself


Suddenly Al appears right next to Sam tapping the hand link and says to Sam.

"Sam you're leaped into John Lennon!"

Sam looks shocked and says looking at Al

"Oh boy!"

Yoko walks up to Sam and kisses him and says

"Happy birthday John"

Sam smiles he sees a birthday cake layed out for him and sean on a near by table and Al says

"We need to talk Sam gooshie and Ziggy were doing over time on this one."

He taps the hand link like a madman and the hand link LEDs start to dance all over the device.

Sam says to Yoko

"Excuse me I need to go to the bathroom"

Sam very quickly goes into the bathroom and Al reappears looking both excited and a little nervous.

"Al are you sure I've leaped into John Lennon Al?"

"100 per cent Sam it's October 9 1980 and you are John Lennon. And you are in Manhattan right now sam."

Sam looks at his mirror image reflection in the mirror and John Lennon was looking back at Sam through the looking glass.

Sam lowers his glasses and says to himself and Al.

"This is amazing Al John Lennon was one of my music hero's Al"

Al smiles and taps the link and says

"I know kid do you remember singing imagine sam to your sister?"

"Yes Al it felt like that was only yesterday Al"

Sam smiles looking at himself in the mirror and carrys on to say

"this is totally amazing Al."

Sam turns around to Al and says

"You don't think Al am here to save John from being shot? Now Do you Al? Are we close to the date it happens?"

Al taps the device and says

"You're right sam we are close its only two months away from now."

"So I must be here to save his life Al ask Ziggy right now if I am here to save Johns life ask him now Al I want to know."

Al taps the hand link and waits for a answer from Ziggy and the data comes through and Al reads from the hand link.

"Ziggy says Sam 81.3 per cent sure you're here to save John Lennon from being shot to death."

Sam looks at John through the looking glass and says

"Oh boy!"

End of chapter 1
Chapter 2

"ok please go back and be sure I am very nervous Al"

"this is definitely some serious history changing if ziggys right"

"how did John die? I can't remember my Swiss cheese memory is affecting me"

"it was horrible Sam"

Al taps the hand link

"the day John died was a great tragedy not just to the world of music but to the whole world Sam. He was shot and killed On December 8, 1980, Lennon was fatally shot in front of his New York City home by crazed fan*Mark David Chapman the rat who killed John Lennon. "

" ah I remember you saying when I was with my sister. "

" so Sam because we are here now we can't let John down OK we need to save him Sam"

Sam nods in agreement

Suddenly Yoko knocks on the bathroom door and says

"is everything alright John?"

Sam says through the door

"everything alright I'll be out In a minute."

Al taps the hand link and says

"I'll go back and see if I can help Ziggy speed up a little with the data" he taps the hand link.

The imaging chamber door opens Al stands in the white of the door way and says

"we can't fail on this one Sam it's to important"

And Sam says

"thanks Al"

As Al walks down the ramp towards the control room of the project Sam as John Lennon the image of him starts to fade behind Al and disappear in the whiteness of the doorway behind him and the door closes behind him.

Al walks up to gooshie and says

"ok let's start and run the program so we are sure why Sam's leaped into John"

"yes admiral"

The head programmer starts to run the program and Ziggy says to Al from above.

"it's highly likely Dr beckett is there to save John but I will double check to be sure."

"thanks Ziggy and get me as much information as possible on Mark David Chapman we are definitely going to need it."

"yes admiral"

Al walks towards the waiting room to welcome the new visitor to the project.

Al gives Sam's counter part in the waiting room a pair of round small glasses for John to wear he puts the glasses on and says looking at his reflection in the waiting room mirror embedded in the waiting room table in front.

"this is pretty far out you know"

"how are you doing this? where's yoko?"

"John it's so good to meet you, you have swapped places with a good friend of mine in time and your in a room we call the waiting room"

"the waiting room?"

"yes that's right"

"so you're telling me I have travel through time?"



John touchs his own face seeing Sam looking back at him through the looking glass of the mirror and John wearing the white quantum leap jump fermi suit.

"so why has you're friend traded places in time with me? "

"am not sure you're ready to know yet but please know John we are definitely here to help you."

"who are you?"

"they call me Al, my names Al"

"Where's Ringo this isn't a trick now is it?"

"no John it's not"

John looks at his reflection thoughtfully

"so is your friend a good guy Al you know"

"yes he is he's a damn good guy"

End of chapter 2
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Chapter 3

As soon as al was gone back to the future.

Sam let himself out of the bathroom and as soon as he walked back into the living room of the apartment.

He saw the birthday cake layed out for both him and Sean.

He smiles at Yoko and says

"let's celebrate my birthday"

He sits down at the table and picks up John's son Sean and puts him on his knees and Yoko takes a picture of them together smiling as Sam blows out the candles of his birthday cake and as he blows out the candles at that moment a blue quantum leap flash overwhelms Sam and next he finds himself holding a guitar. At the front of a church.

He notices he has just finished his performance and everyone in the audience cheers and Al standing next to Sam smoking his cigar blows out a few smoke rings. And says

"isn't this great! it's July 6, 1957 Sam"

"so am still John Lennon?"

"yes and this is John's first gig and we are in Quarry Men at the Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete."

As Al reads and taps the handlink the device makes all of the usual sounds and noises.

Sam pretends to be packing up his music equipment and looking at Al.

" and this is where John meets Paul McCartney for the very first time. This is great, Sam just great this is music history unfolding!"

"but I thought I am here to save John?"

"Ziggy still thinks so but we haven't finished the program yet on that"

"so why have I leaped into John as a young boy?"

"maybe it's because john died in such a tragic way this is a golden opportunity to celebrate his life in his full glory. Plus to uncover the real truth of what happened to John.

But Ziggy says if you continue to leap like this each leap will take you closer and closer to the fatal day that we all lost John Lennon. "

Sam turns around and he sees Paul in front of him Paul shakes his hand and says.

" hi am Paul McCartney. "

And in that moment a blue flash overcomes Sam again and he leaps to another moment in John's life.

End of chapter 3
Chapter 4

When the blue flash was over Sam found himself in bed and sean Johns son was sitting in the middle of the bed and Yoko was on the other side of the bed.

Everyone was in there PJs and film crews and new reporters where everywhere in front of the family.

There was homemade signs on the window that read just behind them.

"Hair peace , bed peace"

Sam was looking really nervous Al appears next to Sam and says reading from the hand link.

"It's 25 March*1969 and this is when Yoko and John do in bed for peace protest in connection with Vietnam. Ziggy says everything you say must happen the same way it did before"

Sam nods in agreement and says to one side trying to not be seen talking to his invisible friend.

"Help me Al"

Al reads tapping the hand link and reading to Sam John Lennon original answers to the new reporters.

"How about this company you and Yoko has formed this band productions?"

"What takes care of our business is books,** films and records"

"What you now see is John and Yoko is a team now we are both doing it together"

Yoko says to a near by reporter.

"But you where a film maker before are you still going to make films "a lady reporter says to the couple.

"Were making films together now"

Sam says "you're on one now you're in it "

"Yes , yes"

"They might think I am going to hot up the resolution but I want to cool it down"

"This is why we are doing this because it's very urgent and every single one of us is in it"

Yoko says to the new media.

As the reporters take pictures of the couple and records there conversation.

"If we make people laugh then that's good enough happiness is a good vibe for peace and you can grow your hair for peace or cut it off have some sign on ya for peace you know all we are saying is if you think you can do better than do it! top it!* Stop asking us is it going to work do something You're self.

A woman news reporter continues to say

"Your little daughter is part of the peace movement do you think more children should be and how do you think it should be done?"

"Yes , yes were not here to preach this is our way of saying were with you, you know to the younger generation "yoko replies

Then a man in a suit enters the room and walks towards the couple and at that moment Sam is overcome by a blue flash again....

Sam finds himself at Johns home studio at Tittenhurst Park. And Sam is holding a guitar and standing in front of a microphone.

And Al reappears walking out of a near by wall and says.

"It's *July 1, 1971:*and this is the day john records "imagine Sam"

"That's great" Sam smiles and Al continues to say I have brought a friend with me.

He touch's thin air then John Lennon is brought into view by Al's touch on his arm John and Sam stand together and yoko presses record.

And unaware to her both Sam and John start to sing together the song "imagine"

#Imagine there's no countries
#It isn't hard to do
#Nothing to kill or die for
#And no religion, too

#Imagine all the people
#Living life in peace

#You, you may say I'm a dreamer
#But I'm not the only one
#I hope someday you will join us
#And the world will be as one

#Imagine no possessions
#I wonder if you can
#No need for greed or hunger
#A brotherhood of man

#Imagine all the people
#Sharing all the world

#You, you may say I'm a dreamer
#But I'm not the only one
#I hope someday you will join us
#And the world will live as one


(Songwriters: John Lennon)

(Imagine lyrics © Lenono Music, Downtown Music Publishing, Lenono Music C/o Downtown Dmp Songs)

And after The song was recorded Sam leaps again in another blue flash.

End of chapter 4
Quantum leap imagine

Chapter 5

After a another blue flash Sam found himself outside on the streets of Liverpool and he felt younger but it still felt like he was still John Lennon he knew it in his bones and he knew God knew it.

The sound of the imaging chamber door opened and Al steps out and when the door closed again Al looks at the handlink and says reading to Sam.

"Ok it's Liverpool England and it's 15 July 1958 and you are 17 and........oh no...."

"What Al? What's wrong?"

"Ziggy says today is the day Johns mum is killed by a driver. And Ziggy says you're secondary mission is to save her Sam."

"Ok where is she right now?"

Al taps the handlink and says

"she's near her sisters home at*251*Menlove Avenue.*go Sam go!"

"I need your help to guide me"

"You're got it buddy"

Sam runs down the street and Al disappears guiding Sam along the way after soon time Sam arrives at Menlove Avenue and he sees his mum in the street.

He quickly runs up to her and pulls her to one side and says.

"I don't have much time to explain but let's go to your sisters house now! It's not safe on the street"

Julia Lennon says looking confused.

"What's wrong honey?"

Al appears next to them and says to Sam

"You need to get Julia off the street now, now!"

Sam pulls Julia and he runs with her to her sisters and as soon as Sam knocks on the door her sister opens the door and they all get inside and Al reappears and says.

"You're done it your changed history Julia Lennon survives!"

And with that Sam leaps again....

he found himself smartly dressed and near a marriage office Al was waiting for him and Sam said.

"So Julia doesn't die again now does she?"

"No she's safe she lives to a very old age now."

"That's good"

"You saved John from a lot of drinking and fights because in the original history John took up drink and got himself into a lot of fights and the blind rage of losing his mum he felt drove him to do all of that."

"So where am I now?"

"Let's see" Al taps the hand link and reads

"John Lennon married Cynthia Powell at Mount Pleasant Register Office today, in Liverpool. Cynthia had to keep a low profile because they did not want fans to know that John was married. So you are on your way to getting married"

"Ok so I take it I will continue to leap and bounce through out Johns life?"

"Ziggy thinks so she now confirms you are here to save John from being killed"


Sam walks passed Al and as he walks towards the marriage office he leaps again....

End of chapter 5
Quantum leap imagine

Chapter 6

After another blue flash Sam found himself waking up in bed and he was laying next to yoko.

He woke up and as he was getting dressed out of his PJs.

Al walks out of a nearby wall and says. Smoking a cigar.

"How's it going kid?"

Sam smiles and says

"where am I this time?"

Al takes the handlink out of his jacket pocket and flips the switch on the side of the link the device starts to light up like a Christmas tree.

He taps the link and says

"It's 1977 and you spend the next two years looking after sean"

"Ok so I am slowly leaping forward to his murder?"


"So has Ziggy got any data on the killer yet?"

"For sure "

Al taps the link more and reads

"Mark was born on 10 may 1955 and kills Lennon outside this apartment."

"Why Al?"

"According to Ziggy he was fed up of John public statements plus his lifestyle and he had delusions related to a book he was reading called the catcher in the Rye. Plus he was a fan of the Beatles."

"But it's hard to believe a fan would kill someone he likes what's his motive?"

Suddenly yoko wakes up from the bed and says.

"Who are you talking to?"

Sam smiles and says

"I am just practising my interview speech. Don't worry go back to sleep"

Yoko smiles and falls back to sleep.

Sam says to Al

"Let's go to the little boys room"

"Not again Sam"

Sam goes to the toilet and as soon as he enters the room and closes the door behind him.

Al is already waiting for him in the bathroom

"What kept you Sam"

Smiling cheekly.

"So why would a fan just kill his idol it doesn't make any sense?"

"Well Ziggy says mark may have been suffering from a mental illness and could of fueled his behaviour."

"What happens to him after the murder?"

"Mark is arrested on the scene found reading his book he was later going to call his book his* manifesto and he gets sent down for 20 years in prison plus life sentence."

"So he didn't do a runner after the shooting?"

"No sam he just stayed and went back to reading his book."

"Well its good he got caught"

"Definitely plus it's good he got stopped when he did because Ziggy says if he hadn't been arrested he may have gone on to kill other people He also contemplated killing other public figures, including*Johnny Carson,*Elizabeth Taylor,*Ronald Reagan, and*Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. At the time of the murder, he had no prior criminal convictions and had just resigned from a job as a security guard in Hawaii."

"Plus the other reason why mark killed John was because as a A longtime fan of*Lennon's*band the Beatles,*Chapman*turned against*Lennon*following a religious conversion, and was angry about*Lennon's*highly publicized 1966 comment that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus."

"I see, I see"

Sam looks at his mirror image in the bathroom and sees John looking back at him and Sam says to John looking at himself in the mirror.

"This time John I won't let you die this time around everything is going to be different"

And after Sam says that he is overtaken by another blue flash.

End of chapter 6
Quantum leap "imagine" book cover

Hi please find below

A book cover I have designed for this
Story I hope everyone will like it
It would be cool if you guys could let
Me know what you think.

Thank you from John


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Quantum leap imagine

Chapter 7

Sam found himself on the street with yoko and with the radio crew and they all where waiting for there lift to take them to the record studio as they are waiting.

Sam says to himself quitely trying not to be heard.

"Where are you Al?"

When yoko looks at him he smiles back at her.

Suddenly a fan of Lennons takes him totally off guard and he sees the fan carrying "double fantasy" in his hands album.

"Would you like me to sign that for you?"

The fan smiles and nods.


Sam gets a marker pen from the radio staff and he signs the album and gives the album back.

One member of the radio crew takes pictures of them together and then the limo pulls up and then both yoko and sam gets into the vehicle and they travel with the radio crew to the studio.

As they are driving to record planet.

Al appears in the limo sitting next to Sam.

"Where have you been?"

Sam picks up the limo phone in the car and pretends to talk to Al on the phone.

"Sorry Sam I got a bit tried up"

"Where am I this time?"

"Ok it's December 8, 1980 just after 4:30pm and you are on your way to record planet and this is the day Lennon is killed. Oh no Sam"


"Did you sign a record on the street for a fan?"

"Yes I did why?"

"Because that was Chapman!"

"Oh boy but why hasn't he killed me yet if he's the killer?"

"He doesn't do it until later on tonight Sam"


"Best thing to do continue with the day as it originally occurred but when you get to the point he trys and kills you then you can stop him."

"Ok Al thanks Al"

Sam puts the phone back on the receiver.

Yoko says

"Is everything ok John? You seemed quite worried."

"It's ok everything sorted now"

And Al taps the handlink and disappears into thin air.

When the limo pulls up at the studio everyone gets out of the vehicle and everyone makes there way into the studio everyone excited to start work on the latest album.

Everything played out as before Al was with me coaching me through the process but as time moved on the time drove it's way to the time John was suppose to get killed only this time I hope events would play out quite differently.

It was 10:50pm at night and I felt sick to my stomach knowing what was about to happen didn't help matters.

Both me and yoko left the studio after a successful recording on Lennons album.

And I said to the driver.

"Take us home"

The limo driver says

"Yes sir"

The vehicle slowly drives towards there home and Al reappears next to sam and says.

"It's time Chapman is going to be waiting for you , you're going to have to be careful"

"I know Al"

The rest of the journey carried on in silence and when the limo parked up at there home in Dakota. Al disappears and reappears out side near Lennons apartment.

Sam slowly gets out of the car with yoko and he sees Chapman holding his signed record the same one from hours before and giving sam a awkward smile and kept eye contact with him.

Al says.

"Be careful Sam!"

Yoko makes her way to there apartment and Sam says to Chapman.

"Why are you doing this?"

Chapman doesn't reply and starts to pull a gun out of his jacket.

"Sam he's going for a gun!"

Sam quickly does a round house kick and kicks the gun from his hand as the gun hits the street.

Sam punches Chapman in the face they fight in the street for a few minutes and then he falls to the floor unconscious.

Yoko hears the fight in the street.

She runs back to Sam and says

"What's going on?"

"Quickly call 911!"

She runs into the apartment and makes the call.

Sam stays near Chapman to make sure he doesn't get back up as soon as the police arrive they arest David. And Al says tapping the handlink.

"You did it Sam David is arrested for attempted murder and gets life in prison and John lives on he keeps a low profile but he still continues to promote peace and well being he makes a lot more music and lives to a very old age Sam. And he teams up again with the Beatles!"

Sam smiles and says

"That's great."

Yoko runs up to Sam and hugs him tightly and says.

"I love you John"

"I love you too"

And in that moment Sam quantum leaps into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself as a soldier and he is in a boat heading towards a nearby battle and Sam finds himself in world war 2!.

He says

"Oh boy!"

The end