Quantum Leap inspired Animated Web Series.


Project QL Intern
Jul 22, 2014
Hi I'll be brief here but first of all we at One up Gaming loved the old TV series Quantum Leap. We have an idea for an animated Web Series, as we are a video games review site we have decided to mix things up a little and here is the basic concept.

We as a podcast team start off by just doing a podcast as normal then I say that over the weekend I picked up a Quantum Powered Wii balance board, then I step on the said board. then I disappear from the room and find myself trapped inside game worlds behind the face of one of the game series characters. the rest of the team can stand on the board to talk to me but only one at a time, and we have to complete goals, levels and bosses to move to the next game world trying to get back home.

So we are looking for some people that know this lore and are willing to help us out with writing the scrips for the show. We have some Hollywood talent almost confirmed and on board like Dustin Diamond and Walter Jones. So please email us at OUGofficial@live.co.uk and we can give some more details and what games we have permission to use in the series.

David Cameron