Quantum leap meets wing commander!


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Mar 20, 2018
Quantum leap meets wing commander

Chapter 1

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime,*Doctor Sam Beckett*stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator - and vanished.

He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is*Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a*hologram*that only Sam can see and hear. And so Doctor Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap... will be the leap home.

Sam is covered from head to toe in quantum leap light and with a wash of blue light Sam quantum leaps into time.

When the blue light fades away Sam is looking into a open army locker and the mirror in the open locker he sees his reflection of his new self he had just leaped into and he sees a name tag saying.


Call sign


He is wearing a army American uniform.

He closes the locker.

Sam quickly noticed on his uniform that he was 2nd Lt Blair and he knew he was stationed in the enyo system and the date was 2654.110

On the TCS tiger claw

And Sam was puzzled how did he know all of this? then his mind started to merge with the person he had leaped into again.

And he said to himself

"my mind is merging again"

And suddenly a alarm is sounded and red lights start flashing every where.

And a voice on the com system says

"Christopher Blair to the briefing room at once!"

Sam walking passed the beds in the sleeping quarters notices one of the near by windows and all Sam can see is deep, deep space and he says.

"oh boy!"

Sam leaves the sleeping quarters and wondering where the briefing room may be suddenly his mind starts to merge with the guy he had leaped into and he knew exactly where the room was sam started to run towards the room and when he entered the room the whole room was filled with army personnel Sam took his seat and the Colonel in full blue army uniform took the stand in front of all of the army personnel and he started to say.

Colonel: We've got a lot of work to do, people, so let's get to it.

The Tiger's Claw dropped from jumpspace seven hours ago, at 0800.
Blue Devil squadron had first patrol. You Killer Bees have the next shift.
You rookies'll be flying with experienced pilots on your first missions.

I want the rookies to fly as wingleaders. You vets keep an eye on the kids out there.

Here are the assignments.

$C, you're leading Alpha wing.

Spirit will fly on your wing. She's quiet, but she knows the ropes.

You're the wingleader, but if Spirit talks, you be sure and listen. Got it?

Maverick: Yes, sir.

Colonel: Good. Here's your patrol plan, then.

Computer, display Alpha.

You'll check three possible jump points, at about 20,000 klicks out.

There are asteroids near Nav Points 2 and 3, so stay on course.

Any questions?

Spirit: Yes, commander. What are we to do if we encounter the enemy?

Colonel: Engage, if the odds look good. Let $C make the call.

Next is Beta wing...

Your thoughts wander as the commander makes the rest of the assignments.

Colonel: ...and back to the Tiger's Claw.

Remember ... this is no trainsim. If you see the enemy, he'll be out to kill you.

Be sure you do it to him before he does it to you.

Squadron dismissed....

As just like Sam had been trained for this job his mind was mergering even more with Christopher's mind he ran to the flight deck put on a helmet and ran over to his space ship fighter that was green in color and read on one side of the plane "killer bees"

The top part of the ship opened up and Sam went up a few steps that was put next to the ship got into the cock pit really quickly and he powered up the ship and the engines busted into life and he was off the fighter followed its auto pilot control instructions that was pre programed into the nav com system and the ship left the mother ship and flew into deep space.

Sam was in aww he could see the mother ship of the tiger claw in the back ground and all that was ahead of him was a new frontier.

End of chapter 1
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Meets wing commander

Chapter 2

Sam was flying through deep space he saw the stars all around him as he was looking out of the cockpit and he knew at that moment he had quantum leaped way beyond his own life time and he said to himself.


The ship's main system was all lit up the craft showed the ship's shields how much fuel the fighter had.

Sam was holding in the centre the main ships gear stick which controled which way the ship was going to steer.

There were two main computer screens in front of him one to the left which showed what weapons the current fighter had and one to the right which was the communication screen which pilots or anyone wanting to talk could communicate through.

Suddenly a transmission from his wing man appears on the ship's com system to his right and he sees

Spirit's ship flys close to Sam's fighter

Spirit says to Sam

"Lt we are not in Kansas anymore sir"

Sam replys

"You can say that again"

Spirit smiles and says

"What's your orders sir?"

"Let's go to nav point one let's go punch it"

"Yes sir!"

The transmission ends and sam turns on auto pilot and the fighter nav computer says out loud.

"Auto pilot online"

And the ship moves and flys towards nav point one.

Sam smiles to himself and says

"I could get use to this"

The fighter he was flying in was very advanced more advanced than any ship he had ever traveled in.

Memories of Sam's first leap returned to him in flashes across his mind at that very moment.

when he was a test pilot trying to hit mark 3.

It had felt like he was back there again but the only difference this time was he was really far ahead into his own future and he was flying in deep space of stead of Just flying through the sky.

He was far beyond his own life time and he was hoping he would find out soon how it was even possible for him to leap so far ahead into the future....

Meanwhile project quantum leap 1999

Al had put back on his normal clothes from his recent leap for trying to leap to help sam in 2020.

Hoping this time it was going to be easier for Ziggy to track down sam Al walked into the main control room of quantum leap and taps the hand link and says.

"Any idea where Sam is this time zig?"

Ziggy replys

"Since Dr Beckett quantum leaped again I was unable to track his leap it seems like to me admiral dr Beckett is still in the future or in the far past ,or he has traveled so far into the future outside his own life time I can not locate him at present."

"Whats the likey hood Ziggy?"

"Try me again in 2.4 hours from now"

Al says

"Here we go again"

End of chapter 2
Meets wing commander!

Chapter 3

As soon as Sam's fighter and spirits reached nav point one.

They saw enemy ships every where suddenly a wave of information came to Sam he knew the human race was at war with a alien race called the Kilrathi.

And with confidence Sam opened Up a coms channel with his wing man and said

"break formation and open fire!"

Spirit replys

"yes sir!"

She immediately Flys over and engages the Kilrathi and opens fire her Lazer weapons.

Her Lazers blue energy blasts hit the enemy ship but their shields are still holding as they return fire and fly around and near spirits wing.

The Kilrathi ships where big, but again small ships will red marking on top of the ship.

There appeartion was like the ship had two wings on each side but you knew when you had engaged the Kilrathi they had a certain look about them that sent fear to your soul.

Sam used his target locking systems onboard and locked on one of the near by enemy ships and the Ai Computer said.

"target locked!"

And in front of Sam he could see a red box around one of the enemy ships and in that moment he was about to open fire when time froze all around him.

In surprise he said to himself.

"what's going on?"

He was the only one who could still freely move but his ship was frozen and the space battle outside was frozen to it was like God, time or fate had press the pause button on creation.

Sam said to himself

"this hasn't happened before"

And in that moment of reflection.

Sam was no longer siting in his wing but he was standing up in a dark room still wearing his army uniform.

Suddenly a door opens in front of him that sounds just like the imaging chamber door of quantum leap.

A young woman steps through holding a very different and futureist version of the hand link. Her dress was very formal and business like. The door closes behind her and the dark room become lit with light and as she approaches.

Sam says

"what's going on?"

The mysterious lady says

"Dr Beckett it is so good to finally meet you. Welcome to what we call the Holo room"

"the Holo room? What's that?"

Sam looking blankly

"it's another form of how we can communicate with you Sam. Because right now you are still siting in your fighter but we have paused time and opened a holographic meeting with you in your mind. This room doesn't really exist its a computer program inside your mind and everything that exists in this room is purely holographic. "

" so I am a hologram in this room to? "

" that's correct Dr Beckett "

" by the way who are you? "

The lady smiles and taps the blue looking hand link that the different blocks are made up of different shades of blue and with the LEDS flashing from within it looked like the hand link was in the process of quantum leaping itself.

" we are the people who bought you here you see Dr Beckett project quantum leap has moved on and has changed a lot over time and we are the new people in charge of your project we are so much more advanced now than your Ziggy that you know. We have the ability to leap anyone outside there own life time and leap them into a host that matches there DNA profile. Chris the person you have leaped into is the closest match we have for you on file so as you can see that's why it's possible for you just this once to be able to leap outside your own life time. "

" so why have you done this? "

" we need your help Dr Beckett "

" please call me Sam with what? "

She taps the hand link and reads

" the time isn't right yet to inform you of your mission but according to Delta there is a 84.3 per cent chance you are the right person for this leap. "

" Delta? "

" yes Sam he is just like your Ai computer Ziggy. And he personally chose you for this leap due to your previous rate of success. "

" so why me? Why couldn't you use one of your own leapers for this leap? "

" we don't have anyone free right now. You are our last hope really. Let's begin I brought you here to bring you up to speed."

She taps the hand link and reads

" OK you're leaped into 2nd lt Blair and the date is....... "

"I already know all of this my mind is merging with the guy I have leaped into."

The lady smiles and says

"that's good news because you already have everything you need I'll be in touch when the time is right for you to know why we brought you here."

The lady taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens she stands inside the white door way.

"who are you anyway?"

She smiles and says

"my name is Katherine and I am related to a good friend of yours but I am a great, great, great, great many greats grand daughter of his."

And with that she taps again and the imaging chamber door closes and Sam finds himself back in the cockpit of his ship and time is moving freely again and Sam aims his weapons and starts to open fire at the enemy ships.

End of chapter 3
Chapter 4

Project quantum leap

Al was standing In the middle of the control room of the project and again with no way of finding out where Sam had quantum leaped to he said to the project staff.

"if you need to find me I'll be in the canteen."

Al walked out of the control room and walked slowly towards the centeen putting his hands in his pants pockets looking like almost like a lost sheep he arrived in the canteen he took the coffee pot and poured himself some hot coffee into a coffee cup from the pot the canteen staff had made for the staff.

Al took a seat all by himself and started to drink the coffee slowly not sure what to do next then suddenly he noticed time had froze to the spot.

Everything was still.

The canteen staff looked like frozen statues.

Being a little alarmed by this new situation suddenly he found himself in a dark room and the room was lit up by spot lights and he heard a sound he was so use to hearing the imaging chamber door opened and the same lady who had seen Sam walked back into the holo room.

And Al said

"where am I? And who are you?"

She smiled at Al and tapped the blue new looking hand link and said.

"admiral I have come a very long way to meet you"

Al noticed the hand link device in her hand and said.

"you're a hologram ant you?"

The lady nodded.

The lady continued to say

"welcome to the Holo room Al I am from the far, far future. I have come back in time to let you know what happened to Dr Beckett"

"what's happened to Sam is he OK?"

"oh he's fine admiral we locked on to Sam after his last leap and pulled him to the year 2654.110 for a mission we need him to complete"

"2654.110 but that's impossible Sams not able to leap out side of his own lifetime."

"Well admiral our time travel ability has improved over the many, many years from your time now it is possible for Sam to leap outside his own life time."

"so who are you people why do you need my friends help?"

"we are the future of project quantum leap so Sams in good hands. But more importantly I have come back to tell you we will help you to contact Sam."


"we will use our technology and we will link up the holographic feed to your imaging chamber and with our help you will be able to lock onto Sam's brainwaves in the imaging chamber and when you will return it will be ready for you straight away."

"I have to go now Al but it's been really good meeting you"

The mystery lady taps the handlink

And Al says

"what's your name?"

And suddenly he was back in his own time in the projects canteen area. The handlink in Al's pocket started to Goan he took the link out tapped it and said to himself after reading from the device.

"so it is true"

Al ran back into the control room and the head programmer says.

"we don't know how admiral but we have a lock on Sam the imaging chamber is ready for you know."

Al walks up the ramp and taps the hand link he walks into the white of the imaging chamber and the door closes behind Al.

End of chapter 4
Chapter 5

The imaging chamber door opens and when Al steps into the chamber and when the door closes Al was floating in deep space for once Al felt really uncomfortable all around him it was like he was standing on space itself and stars and Infront of Al he could see a space battle.

At that moment a enemy ship flys through him like a ghost.
As soon as the fighter passes right through Al.

Al shouts and says

"Gooshie! Centre me on sam!"

Gooshie replies

"Al Sam's a moving target i am finding it hard to zero in on him"

"Do it now gooshie!"

And within seconds Al

Disappeared and reappears next to Sam in the cockpit of his fighter plane.

Sam sees Al right next to him and says

"Al you're here!"

Al smiles and says

"Sam pay attention to this battle were not in the clear yet"

Sam had shot down 3 enemy fighters so far and spirit had shot down 4 her self.

When the last fighter exploded in space the rest of the enemy fighters started to fee away and Sam turned on auto pilot and said to spirit.

"Form on my wing"

"Yes sir"

And Sam's plane started to fly towards nav point 2.

Al starts to smoke his ciger and says

"You look quite at home here sam"

"Al it's so strange it feels like I was trained to do this my mind is merging with the person I have leaped into. So I know how to fly, fight and everything."

Al nods and taps on the hand link as the coloured LEDS start to dance all over Al's version of the hand link.

"How are you even here Al I thought you can't view the future?"

"We got help Sam from the project who's based in this time"

"But Sam this is the first time you're leaped outside of earth."

"I know it's amazing isn't it Al"

Al smiles and says

"It's definitely different"

As soon as both fighters dropped out of auto pilot.

They encountered straight away

asteroids big rocks started to fly near sam and spirits ship.

Al says with concern.

"Be careful sam"

Sam says "am on it"

He moves the gear stick Infront of him trying to avoid the nearby rocks coming straight for sam.

Suddenly one rock hits on of Sam's wing of his fighter and the hit, hit the fighter so hard it sent the ship into a tail spin and both sam and Al says together.

"Oh boy!"

End of chapter 5
Quantum leap meets wing commander

Chapter 6

As the ship was spinning fast through the void of space.

Sam's ships systems was lighting up all over with warning systems flashing and the ejector warning light was flashing at the top.

"Al says eject sam eject!"

With nothing else to do and Sam being unable to regain control of the ship he taps eject!

And his helmet visor starts to shut over his face and the top of his craft opens up and his seat rockets into space.

Sam was floating above his ship and he saw the rocks Destroy his ship in a unforgiving bombardment of the asteroids field.

The ship blow up and sent a shock wave that thew sam far away from the asteroid field sam was spinning through deep space.

Al reappears next to Sam and said

"Hang in there sam"

Spirit's ship systems pointed out Sam's ejector seat and she flew in and used her ship to pick him up.

When the mission was complete.

Spirit opened a transmission with the tiger claw and said

"Permission to land?"

The tiger claw responded

"Your clear to land on a mission well done"

Spirit very carefully flew the ship back to her mother ship the tiger claw.

And she landed back on the flight deck.

The engineers opened up the ship and helped spirit out of her vessel.

And said to her.

"You're lucky you survived."

Seeing her ship a little bit damaged by Lazer fire.

End of chapter 6
Quantum leap meets wing commander

Chapter 7

On the flight deck the engineers release sam from his ejector seat.

And they say to sam.

"Welcome back sir"

Sam smiles and says

"It's good to be back"

Suddenly on the com system it says.

"Lt Blair to colonel halcyon's office at once!"

Sam walks slowly and Al reappears next to Sam and says.

"Way to go buddy. Where are we now?"

"Tiger claw Al"

The engineers see Sam talk to thin air as he leaves the fight deck and they say to each other.

"Who was he talking to?"

Sam knocks on his office.

And the captain says.

"Please come in Lt"

Al walks through the wall and reappears in the office and sam walks through the main office door and closes the door him.

Sam says to the ship's colonel.


"At ease Lt

You are about to receive a golden sun for ejecting and surviving.....

But you only get one of those per career.

After that , ejecting just wastes the confederations Starfighters.

Sam says

"I understand, colonel I'll keep it in mind"

"Am counting on it Blair plus the ship you ejected from its going to be weeks or even months before we will even get a replacement ship. And we can't afford our pilots keep ejecting from there ships if you need to then do it but if you can bring it back home you need to do so understood?"

"Understood yes sir"

"But by the way good job on a mission well done."

"Dismissed Lt"

"Thank you sir"

Sam leaves the room and Al reappears next to Sam the hand link starts to goan in Al's hand he looks at the read out and says to sam.

"With the help of the other project we now know why you're here?"

Hanger deck.

17:00 hours 2654.129

Sam stands next to the colonel right at the front of the hanger deck with all the other officers now watching.

The colonel says to Sam.

"For bravely sacrificing his vessel and endangering his life.....

In combat with the Kilrathi enemy...

I award you Lt Blair with the golden sun award."

He puts the award on Sam's uniform.

And continues to say.

"Your devotion to the confedration honours all humanity.

Good job congratulations."

Sam says

"Thank you sir"

They both smile

And the rest of the officers in the hanger deck filled with pride , you meet the applause of your fellows.

Al standing next to Sam says

"Way to go buddy"

End of chapter 7
Chapter 8

Sam walked into the crew's mess room and bar area.

And as he approaches the bar tender the bar tender says to Sam.

Shotglass: "Belly on up, friend, and take a load off.
You must be Lt Blair . I'm Shotglass."

" Welcome aboard the Claw.
Used to be a pilot myself...
...till the fleabags shot me up so bad I couldn't fly.
I guess I flew with most every pilot on the Claw.
So if you want to know how one pilot or another flies...
...old Shotglass is the guy to ask!
Stop by when you're off duty and we'll talk more. "

Sam smiles and says will do he asks for a drink from shotglass and he continues to say.

" I've got your usual drink from the other places you have served in the past I have a lot of friends in the bar business I'll make you your usual drink. "

Sam smiles and shot glass gets his drink and serves it to Sam.

He takes his drink and slips it and says.

"not bad"

Sam notices two officers sitting at another table near by he takes his drink and says to the lady officer call sign "angel"

"may I join you"

She nods.

And Sam sits at the table.

Angel: "Bonjour, Lieutenant. You are called Blair , no? I am called Angel."

"I am just reviewing some figures on our recent encounters with the Kilrathi.
You would like to know what I have learned, perhaps?

The Dralthi is the Kilrathi fighter seen most in this sector.

These figures show that 1.4 missiles are required to destroy the Dralthi,
while over seven direct laser hits are necessary to destroy the same vessel.

I hope this information is useful to you, Lieutenant.

Paladin the other officer sitting right next to Sam and angel and listening into their conversation

Paladin : "Och, laddy, take a seat an' tilt a glass with ol' Paladin.
I recall once when I was just a lieutenant like yourself there...

We were flyin' patrol o'er Accord, the fourth planet in the Alliance System.

These four Kilrathi Salthi came zoomin' in with the sun at their backs...

Angel: "What is the point, monsieur? There is one, oui?"

Paladin: I was leadin' up ta it, lass.
That day, we learned that a Salthi will always turn ta the left...

It's got somethin' ta do with the way 'er engines an' ducts are arranged.

So when you tail a Salthi, watch ta the left...

That's where 'e'll go when 'e makes 'is break!"

Suddenly Al reappears next to Sam and says.

" we need to talk"

The hand link starts to flash very quickly.

And Sam says

"I have to go but thanks for talking"

Both angel and paladin say

" your welcome"

Sam leaves the officers mess and heads for the crew quarters and Al taps the hand link and disappears into thin air.

End of chapter 8
Chapter 9

As soon as Sam reached the crew quarters Al reappeared and luckily the crew quarters was empty and Sam says to Al.

"what do you have for me Al?"

Al taps the Hand link and it makes all of the usual sounds and Al tells Sam

"lucky to the project who's based a little bit ahead into the future from this time they are feeding to us all the data we need to help you out on this leap Sam.

So according to delta or Ziggy they say the reason why you're here Sam is because in the original history an attempt is going to be made later on this evening to end this war once and for all with the enemy "

Sam looking interested

" how so Al? "

Al taps the hand link more to get even more data from Ziggy.

" a fighter is going to be launch from the tiger claw this evening in complete serectly with a pilot and they are going to use a very risky jump point from this system to jump straight to the enemy's home world but unfortunately they don't make it Sam they end up on the other side of the jump point in bits.

Ziggy says if the pilot had survived there would of been a 82.3 per cent chance the war would of ended sooner saving millions of lives and your here Sam to Escort the fighter to the enemy's home world and make sure end they end this war right here right now. "

" OK Al"

Later on that evening Sam went to the flight deck and he saw the serect pilot get escorted to there fighter plane. The armed guards making sure no one can see them Sam hid himself out of slight in the shadows hiding himself behind some fighter planes.

The serect pilot enters there ship and the officers say.

"good luck sir"

The pilot nods powers up there ship and the officers clear the flight deck and the fighter takes off and leaves the tiger claw heading for the serect jump point.

Suddenly with no time to lose As soon as the officers leave the fight deck Sam suits himself up and gets into his fighter plane powers up the plane and takes off.

With a blast from his engines the ship leaves the tiger claw and heads after the serect pilot fighter.....

End of chapter 9
Chapter 10

Sam was flying in hot pursuit in his fighter plane and a transmission came through the com system of the fighter plane from the tiger claw and the officer on the com system says.

"Lt Blair, please stand down you have unauthorized access to your fighter why have you launched your fighter?"

"I know what you're doing tonight Sir I have launched to help"

"you can't Blair you are risking court Marshall. The fighter you are following is top serect return to the tiger claw At once!"

"I don't have time for this"

Sam ends the transmission and opens a channel to the serect fighter plane.

And says over the com system.

"my name is Lt Blair I am aware of your mission I am here to help you the jump point you are heading towards the coordinates you are about to use to jump with are incorrect I have the correct coordinates for you."

The pilot remains silent and Sam sees the serect ship in front of him.

At that moment Al appears next to Sam in the cockpit and says to him.

" Sam transmit these coordinates to him Sam"

Al shows Sam the hand link he Imputs the coordinates to the nav com and sends it over to the pilot plus Sam transmit a auth code to the pilot and as soon as the pilot receives the data he says to Sam over the com system.

"how do you know all of this?"

Sam lies by saying

"I have been ordered to help you by confed please let me help you."

With only seconds away from the jump point the pilot gives him and says.

"OK lt Blair form on my wing"

Sam moves the gear stick in the center of the cockpit and forms on his wing with the correct coordinates now in the nav com both Sam and the other pilot jumps to the enemy home world.

As they jump both ships fly through a blue vortex and when they reach the other side.

The serect pilot turns on a switch on his dash board and he says over the com system.

"I am transmiting a single where the enemy radar will think we are one of them."

Sam says "understood"

Both ships fly towards the enemy home world and the pilot says to Sam.

"thank you for your assistance return to base the fate of the war is now up to me now"

Sam says


He turns his ship around and Flys towards the jump point.

As the other ship enters the enemys world atmosphere.

Al taps the hand link in his hand and says.

"you're done it Sam history has changed the pilot ends the war today he releases a bomb into the planet and destroys the enemys Headquarters the enemy then surrenders to confed later on today.

Because the war ends today Sam millions of lives are saved and when Blair gets back to the tiger claw you are arrested but then soon released when the pilot you helped comfrims your side of the story and you become a war hero. You go back to earth and become a farmer you settle down and have 4 children and the war is ended a lot sooner than before and the human race lives in harmony with the enemy.

" that's fantastic Al that's great "

Sam sets the auto pilot and as the ship hits the jump point heading back for the tiger claw in that moment Sam is covered from head to toe in blue light and Sam once agains quantum leaps into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself wearing a business suit and he sees a microphone just in front of him he is sat down in the audience in front of the mirco phone and people siting next to Sam are all black people and they say to Sam.

"it's time, it's time"

They encourage him to stand up and go to the microphone in front.

Not sure what they mean.

Suddenly Al appears in front of Sam and says.

"Sam your leaped into Martin, luther king"

And with that Sam says

"oh boy!"

The end