Quantum Leap Movie Cancelled - Bring it Back!

Hello all! I'm new to the forum, though I've known about it for quite a while...

Umm... Now to the topic at hand: Back when Quantum Leap was in syndication & filming took place, Bellisario was dealing with producers & whatnot who wanted to change around various concepts in the show &, slowly but surely, stray away from his original concept for the series. One rule that eventually gave way involved the episode, "The Leap Between The States", whereas Sam leaps to September 20, 1862, going against the string theory, and thereby leaping outside his own lifetime. Add this to having Quantum Leap ripped off the air without Bellisario's utmost & sincere blessing & you end up with a rather beleaguered & perhaps even grudgeful individual. I'm sure Mr. Bellisario would be thrilled to have Quantum Leap back on the air with more episodes, but without a pure & untainted promise from representatives at Universal (or whoever's in charge at this point of the game), we're unlikely to see a continuation anytime soon...

The closest person I can see to compare Bellisario to is George Lucas, though Mr. Lucas has more control over his franchise than Bellisario.

Does this make sense? I dunno... Maybe I'm wrong...
Obviously been out of the loop with our move and no internet and then I see this. Wow. I'll try to get a letter posted off this weekend. Maybe our FPO address will drum up a little sympathy. :lol:
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This is really unbelievable, yet again all hopes are dashed. I'm going to put a positive view forward. Is it possible that Don B is proposing his own idea for a movie or series and wants to stop Deborah P claiming any rights to 'his' franchise?

It is clear to me that the only person that can now resume QL is Don B or a studio which has the input or backing of Don B. I have no doubt that in the current time when shows of the past are being resurrected, now is the time to do something. Look at the recent series Reaper-based on the ideals of QL and the recent movie 'Leapers'. If only Don B could wake up and see the potential. I will certainly be sending a letter, it worked in the past and it will work now.


Look at the Stargate franchise. There've been several tastes of QL that have been given to SG viewers. The most recent-aired episode was aired this past Friday(December 12th) where two characters, one regular and one guest-star, switch bodies. It's at least possible that Scifi network either suggested or ordered SG producers to make those body swapping episodes. Also having Paul McGillion in said episode helps a LOT too!

~Steve B.
I hope thay do bring it back tho, ither movie or tv form, it would be great to see it again with new stories lines.

Only time will tell?
hmmm.... I never read this thread before.

I had thought this was about that Trey Callaway script or some incarnation of it. I had read about Deborah's plans in the beginning but completely forgot about it until now.

I hate to sound cynical but I think I dismissed it because I figured she was not legally in a position to make it. It turns out I was right, though its Don not Universal. She got much farther than I thought. Its odd that she did realize he could block it.

hmmmm again... Not sure what to think about all this.....

Obviously our best chance to ask about this and convince Don to change his mind is at the convention.

I always preferred a series of tv movies. Staring Scott and Dean. Basically more of what the show already was. I have never really been sold on the new Leaper idea. Even is she is Sam's daughter.

There is only one Scott Bakula. The range of skills he brought to the show is going to be hard to duplicate. Actor, Singer, Athlete, etc, etc!!!

Maybe if they did 2 or 3 traditional QL tv movies THEN it would be time to create a spin off Pilot movie. Otherwise a single movie has too many jobs to perform. It would need to be a sequel to the TV series. Somehow addressing the end of "Mirror Image" Plus the time that has elapsed since then at the Project. The future was 2000 then! Its 9 years later. Rightfully it should still be in our future. Maybe 2015. What has happened to Al since?

Once that is all out of the way you need to setup the new characters. Or reestablish if its Sammy Jo. Its going to have to work for new viewers. Its can't just be for us who know the minutiae of the show.

Oh, and hopefully it will have a good story once that is all done. A classic QL scenario of ordinary people whose lives must be put right.

That's not a good idea. Since both Don and Deborah may be present while he is there, that would be an inappropriate question to ask him at that time. Let's celebrate the past, not attack him on stage. :)

I was never suggesting we attack him! ;)

Someone is bound to ask "When is Quantum Leap coming back?". I can guarantee you of that. Likely without any knowledge of Deborah's efforts. Surely he has gotten variations of that question ever since the last episode aired.

It won't be me. Its not my style to be confrontational. I figure if and when there is news they would give it to us when they are ready. But I am sure someone will ask. Its going to be impossible to control that.
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Yes, I guess it's okay that they never make a movie. I'm just glad that Al got a happy ending. He deserved it.
I know this is a very sensitive subject.

But did anyone else notice that what Deborah said about the situation with QL movie and what Don said don't match up????

Deborah said Don wants to remake the Pilot into a movie. But Don said he would never want a remake without Scott and Dean.
In terms of rights -

Deborah probably controls certain rights to Sammie Jo. Having created that character and written the episode she first appeared in.

Don clearly has a certain rights to Sam and Al. Probably tied to his original Pilot script.

Universal owns the rights to the name "Quantum Leap" and the basic premise.

My main point of reference in this situation is Back to the Future. BTTF co-creator, screenwriter, and producer Bob Gale has said that him and Robert Zemeckis own the those characters. While Universal owns the name "Back to the Future". So Universal would need their approval to do anything with BTTF. Unless they did a movie with the title and no other connection.

So while Don's approval is need for any new official QL projects, he can not do his own thing without Universal being on board either.

Its like with the Beatles. Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and Olivia Harrison all have to agree for any new Beatles projects to happen. Which is very rare!!!

Of course this is just my interpretation based on what has been presented to us! ;)