Quantum leap RPG game rules


Project QL Intern
Mar 20, 2018
Basic rules for the game.

This is a 2 to 6 player game.

One person must be the good Dr beckett.

While one person must be Al

While the rest of the players are other characters based in the time that Sam has leaped into.

One person must be the host of the game and he tells the players the story and how Sam has leaped into a certain situation.

But he must not tell the players or the player playing Sam what Sam's mission is yet like the TV show Sam will find out at key points in the game and the player playing Al must tell Sam.

The beauty about this game is every game is different with Sam's mission being different.

To play this game before the game starts the host must write there own quantum leap story that has a start, middle and end this can be as short or as long as they want or the whole game can be improvised by the host player for quicknest if they want to.
But remember be as creative as you would like to and have fun.

The players can either play together with the Sam character or play against him and try and stop him from achieving his mission.

This game like D and D is a theatre of the mind game but you may add sound effects at key points so your adventure can feel like a episode of quantum leap you may dress up like your characters and use props to make the game even more enjoyable.

The players sit around a table and can use a jenga tower in front of them.

The tower will show players if you are successful in any decisions the characters need to go through during the game.

When a character faces a problem or Sam is trying to achieve his mission the player must pull a block from the tower only using one hand and place the block at the top of the tower. If the tower does not fall then the character is successful in there action if the tower falls they fail and are out of the game but if you are the Sam character if the tower falls you have lost one chance Sam has only three chances to achieve his mission if he fails 3 times the game is over.

If the tower falls the tower must be rebuilted so the rest of the players can carry on playing.

It is recommended that the host player writes down on cards what Sam's mission is and put the cards in envelopes and they can be shuffled and when it's time to tell Sam his mission the ramdom envelope can be given to the Al character and he can open it saying "Sam ziggy says you're here to do........"

So every game can be truly random and a surprise to everyone playing.

Plus if you don't have a janga set you can use a D20 for all choices that need to be made the host player must decided what number needs to be rolled by the player for them to be successful in that action.

For example a play needs to roll 10 or higher to be successful and if they don't then they fail that action and they lose a chance only if you do not have a janga set all players have 3 chances to win if they fail 3 rolls then they are out of the game.

So this is the most basic rules for this game if you have any questions then please ask me plus if you do play this game then please let me know to I would love to hear how it went.

But remember this game is all about storytelling so please have fun and bring the characters of quantum leap to life have fun and hopefully the next leap will be the leap home!.....

I will update this with more add on rules once I have written them.

These rules a guide if you wish to add your own rules to it you may.

Written by John Gerrard