Quantum Leap Season 1 & 2 DVD Rerelease by Mill Creek Includes Original Music!


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Jun 6, 2015

I'm sure most of you have got DVDs of some sort by now, or are considering upgrading to the HD versions (I highly recommend), but if you've not yet - or you're thinking about birthday presents for new fans - the recent Mill Creek release of the first two seasons may be of interest.


I've just received it. Some immediate observations:

1. Genesis is presented as a movie, although the disc art describes it as "Part 1" and "Part 2".

2. Play it Again, Seymour features the correct opening credits (the original DVD release used the syndication version in error, with the later opening).

3. There are 6 episodes to a disc on the second season. It's therefore a little over-compressed, and quality junkies will be disappointed. It's not too obvious though, and your average viewer will be quite happy.

4. No bonus features.

5. ORIGINAL MUSIC. To be fair, I've only checked the obvious one - M.I.A. has Georgia present and correct. I'll have a look through the rest later, but that's a very good sign.

6. Repeat-leaps are still unfixed. I'm basing this on a check of All-Americans which leaps into The Color of Truth, not Her Charm. For me this isn't an issue as it's "as transmitted", but I know this bothers some people.

7. They appear to have used the HD masters to prepare these. A Portrait for Troian is significantly zoomed in on the HD versions in error, but not on the original DVDs. The Mill Creek DVD repeats the error and is zoomed. Aside from the Troian issue, though, this is *generally* a good thing as the HD scans are excellent (although it will mean should Mill Creek continue, they might include that dodgy green leap in for Hurricane).

Here's examples of Troian to demonstrate:

Original R1 DVD:

Cropped iTunes HD remaster:

Mill Creek R1 DVD, with a similar heavy crop and colour correction:

That's it for now... If anyone has any questions about the set, let me know and I'll be happy to answer.
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Thanks for the interesting report! I've heard of Mill Creek re-releases which pack a lot of episodes per disc but in this case it seems to be an improvement over the Universal boxes.
picked this up at the local walmart, i was glad to see it on the shelf. both disc 1 and 2 seem to have the original music intact, good morning peoria was the first one i checked since it had been butchered on the first release. every song was put back where it belonged. leave it to the small time companies to be able to pull off what a big named company didnt even bother to try
even though they put a lot on each disc, the compression size isnt too bad, the episode animal frat from universal set was 1.37 gigs for the episode, on this set its 1.20 gigs, a few episodes like troian lost some size the original was 1.90 and again this one is 1.20. overall though its a good set to replace the original
Has anyone contacted them about this? I'd hate it if the blu-ray pack suffers the cropped issue.
For completeness sake, here are shots from the same scene on Amazon Video and Blu-ray.

1) Amazon:


2) Blu-ray: