Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told!


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Mar 20, 2018
Chapter 1

With a wash of blue quantum leap light Sam leaps into his next time and place but who will he become next?......

As the waves of blue light flows over Sam when the light fades away Sam finds himself standing near a very long table in the middle and people are sat to his right and left. He was wearing white robes looking very ancient in appearance.

And in the act of leaping into his new time zone he was holding a loaf of bread and he broke it in two and said.

"this is my body eat and do this in remembrance of me...."

And Sam without thinking passes the bread to his followers and at that moment Sam realized what he had done just said and done and he says.....

"oh boy!"

"I can't be Jesus? Can I?"

Sam was starting to panic and at that moment of reflection a bell rings out and the director says.

"cut!, cut! Take five people!"

Sam feeling relieved that he was on a film set and not really the son of God, Sam looking up to the heavens and says.

"thank you"

putting his hands together like he was praying.

All the actors leave the set and the director approachs Sam and says.

"is everything OK? You looked quite scared for a just a moment"

"am OK I have just leaped into the part so it's still new for me and a really big step really."

"good, good go back to your trailer and take it easy we're finished for the day anyway."

"will do thanks"

Sam leaves the set and he looks for his trailer it was easy to find as his trailer had a sign on the door that read

"Jesus christ"

Sam opens the door of his trailer and gets inside and closes the door and as soon as he is inside he sits on the sofa and Sam says again

"oh boy! "

suddenly the imaging chamber door opens Al steps out and the door closes behind him and Al smoking Says once he has taken his ciger out of his mouth and he has seen Sam.


"Al?" with a very disproving look on his face

"sorry Sam I mean you look just like Jesus this is definitely different Sam"

Al smiles.

"Al for a moment I thought I really was Jesus"

"well you definitely look the part Sam you even got his beard and long hair it suits you Sam"

"very funny Al So why am I even here?"

"well let's see now shall we"

Al looks at the hand link and he taps the device and he reads from the display.

"OK Sam it's 1979 and your name is brain Jones your have been a professional actor all of your working like and now you're filming The Jesus story but there's only one problem"

"what's that Al?"

"the film doesn't get finished Sam after a few more days on the project production gets put on hold and Brain never finishs the movie....."

End of chapter 1
Chapter 2

The next morning

Sam woke up to the sound of the production crew knocking on Sam's trailer door.

They say through the door

"Filming in 10 minutes!"

Sam put his costume back on and again he was looking just like Jesus.

He looked at himself in the wardrobe mirror and he just look like Jesus it was very uncanny.

Sam left his trailer and walked out on set.

He got into position and the director says


Sam looking really worried all he could say was

"Oh boy!"

The director says.

"Cut , cut!"

And a set bell rings out

The director says to Sam

"Is everything alright? Brian?"

Suddenly Al appears right next to Sam and says to Sam

"Don't worry Sam I have access to the script through the hand link."

Al taps the link.

Sam says quitely under his breath

"Thanks Al"

Sam says to the director

"Everything is OK am sorry let's continue"

The director looking a little bit unsure then says.

"Ok people action!"

Sam gets into position and starts to say as Al reads out to Sam through the hand link.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven
Blessed are those who mourn,
For they will be conforted
Blessed are the meek,
For they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they will be filled.

Blessed are the merciful
For they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they will be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The director says.

"Cut, cut! Nicely done Brian"

Sam smiles and they continue to film a few more scenes and when the day is finished of filming sam returns to his mobile home and as soon as he gets inside Al reappears.

Sam looks at Al and says looking tried.

"So what do you have for me Al?"

Al looks throughtful and taps the hand link

The LEDs flash all over the device.

"Ziggy says there is a 80 per cent chance you're here to finish the film sam because in the original history Brian , sam the role goes to his head so much so he leaves the film early to set up his own church calling himself the second coming of Christ the church fails in the end and brain never works again and Ziggy says if the film was finished it would of went on to help a lot of people."

End of chapter 2
Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told

Chapter 3

"ok Al I'll finish the film"

Suddenly Sam starts to feel dizzy and Al says to Sam.

"you don't look well Sam"

Sam falls to the floor unconscious.

When Sam wakes up Al looking over Sam says.

"are you OK buddy?"

"sorry Al I just felt very tried suddenly it must be all the work on the film zapping my energy."

Al looks at Sam and says

"Them that dance with The Devil Sam are bound to get scorched"

Sam looks confused for a moment and says to Al looking a little confused.

"what did you just say Al I've heard that before.... But I can't remember where from"

"Sam take it easy get some rest Ziggy says you're on again in a few minutes to do a very important scene in the film"

"what do you mean Al were just wrapped up for the day there's no more filming until tomorrow"

"not according to Ziggy Sam I'll go back and see if I can find out more"

"you do that Al"

And suddenly Al disappears into thin air.

Suddenly a knock is on Sam's trailer door and the crew say.

"sorry brain we need you back on set in 10 minutes"

Sam looking really tried says


He gets up and when he leaves his trailer and goes back onto set the director says.

"sorry brain to bring you back but we need to film the temptation in the desert scene now please."

Sam nods and walks onto set and gets in to position and the director says to Sam.

"Them that dance with The Devil are bound to get scorched."

"what! It's that saying again where is that form?"

The director says

"action! I said action!"

And near by near the set Sam sees a goat.

End of chapter 3
Chapter 4

He says to the director

"who let a goat on set! This is so familiar"

But when he looks up to look back at the director.

The director was gone all the film equipment was gone the whole crew was gone Sam was really standing in the middle of a desert.

He says out loud

"wheres every one!"

Then behind him he hears someone shout behind him.


As he turns around he sees a hooded stranger dressed all in black. And as the hooded stranger walked slowly towards him the man continues to say.

"who gave you the right to go bouncing around in time putting right what once I made wrong!"

"I remember now it's you again isn't it?"

when he reaches Sam he says close up

"say my name!"

With a red glow just underneath his eyes.

"the devil again but this time you don't look like Al you are a bald man."

Then within a blink of a eye he changed into a red glow into his friend Al.

"for all time sake"

"why are you doing this?"

"why do you travel through time? Let me show you what you're so good, good will is doing!"

End of chapter 4
Chapter 5

With Sam and the devil in the desert the devil still looking like Al* in a black robe says to sam.

"The temptation of Sam Beckett"

"Am not Jesus you know I am just a actor"

The devil laughs and says

"Well you look like him. But you know how this plays out now don't you?"

"Yes I think so"

The devil smiles and says

"Let's begin now shall we"

The devil picks up a stone from the desert floor and says

"If you are the son of God ,tell these stones to become bread."

Sam replys

"Am not Jesus"

"Am just playing sam remember were acting now ant we?"

Then both Sam and the devil turns and they both magically disappear and reappear in Africa and they see Africa children hungry on the streets. Some dieing of hunger.

"Why don't you save them Sam?"

"I would if I could"

"What's the point of you traveling around in time if you can't save everyone Sam! What does your beloved computer Ziggy says Sam!"

"I help thoses that I can if it was up to me I would help everyone"

"Let's see now shall we?"

The devil pulls out a handlink and mockingly pretends to be tapping the hand link and says

"Yeah the odds are real good"

Sam takes the stone from the devil holds it in his hands and closes his eyes and says as if he was praying.

"If it be your will change this stone feed these children."

And when he opens his hands the stone had changed into bread.

Sam walks to a nearby Africa boy and gives him the bread.

"Feed your friends"

Then the devil took Sam to the highest point of Jerusalem and they both stood on the top of the temple.

"If God and time needs you so much then throw your self down and you will leap out of here and you will go straight home Sam you want to go home now don't you?"

"Of course but I won't test god for if he was responsible in trapping me in time then he needs me so does all the people I am here to save he wouldn't of given me this job if he didn't think I could do it."

"Why do you care? your just a scientist? With seven degrees why you? what makes you so special?"

"I may be only a scientist but I care and I won't stop until I have put everything right and that's enough"

Then the devil took Sam to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and there splendor plus his own time. Sam could see the quantum leap mountain with it glowing blue in the night sky.

"Trust me Sam I can give you the whole world plus take you back home you can go home this very moment wake up as you and stay warm in your bed. You can have fame and fortune right now Sam all you have to do is say I want to go home and you're go now, no more leaps no more missions just happiness ever lasting happiness and finally no more looking into mirrors and seeing strangers looking back at you."

Sam thought for a moment and said.

"That is very tempting but I can't I am here for a reason and I want to do the right thing"

Sam started to walk away from the devil and the devil continues to say.

"Sam! But you're trapped in time I can release you now I have the power!"

Sam turns around and says.

"But at what cost? If you took me home who would save thoses that need saving? Get away from me Satan!"

The devil says

"We will meet again Sam you mark my words" and at that moment he faded away and the next moment Sam knew he was back on the film set and the director said.

"Excellent cut, cut and that's a wrap!"

In a daze not sure what had just happened all sam could say was two words.

"Oh boy!"

End of chapter 5
Chapter 6

After Sam had said "oh boy"

Al was near the set and said

"You where great Sam"

Feeling really, really confused of what has just happened on set.

Sam walks to the director and says

"Was the scene to your liking?"

"Of course just as we wrote in the script"

Sam had a odd look on his face and left the set and as soon as he got back to his trailer Al was waiting for him inside.

"Al he's back?"


Then for a moment Sam wondered if the devil was pretending to be Al again and just wanted to make sure.

Sam tried to touch Al's hand and his hand passed right through Al like a ghost.

"What's going on Sam?"

"Sorry I just had to be sure"

"Be sure of what?"

"The devil's back Al"


"I have seen him before don't you remember Al when I saved Tully from the falling ladder. The devil pretend to be you on that leap."

"But that was a dream Sam"

"Am not so sure."

"He took me to an actual desert and showed me my own time he tried to do a deal with me he said he would send me home if I made a deal with him"

"A deal with the devil?"

Sam nods in agreement. Looking a little bit unsure with himself.

"Can't you see how all of this sounds like?"

"I know but I swear it's all true I didn't play that scene how you saw me play it"

"But I saw you do the scene perfectly as they wrote it. "

"The devil must of changed reality some how."

Al then says

"I think it's best dr Beck's gets involved a.s.a.p"

"Am not crazy Al"

"I didn't say you, where I think it's best you get some rest for the night and I will see you in the morning ok"

Al taps the hand link the imaging chamber door opens Al stands in the door way and he says.

"Night night sam"

And with that Al was gone.

Sam got out of his costume and put on his nightwear he looked at himself in a near by mirror and as he saw brain looking back at him.

Sam said to brain in the mirror

"I know what I saw am not going crazy it was the devil and I have got to do what it takes to stop him if I can"

Sam cleaned his teeth and gets into bed and falls to sleep hoping the morning shall spread some more light on the situation.

End of chapter 6
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Quantum leap chapter 7

Chapter 7

Sam woke up for yet another day of filming.

He got dressed into costume and when he looked at himself in the mirror.

He stopped him self from saying Jesus.

There was another knock on his trailer door and staff said through the door.

"On set in five minutes please brain!"

As soon as Sam was ready he left his mobile home.

And the director says to Sam.

"Ok brain we are filming Jesus on the cross scenes today you're got that?"

Sam nods in agreement looking a little nervous saying to himself.

"Oh boy I have to go on a cross!"

Sam wasn't looking forward in getting on a cross high above the ground.

Then suddenly staff starts to scream. Near by.

Sam runs and he finds one of the crew members died a set light had fallen on them and killed them instantly.

Sam looks at the poor unfortunate and says

"Oh boy" to himself

Al appears out of no where

And sam turns around and says

"Why didn't you tell me Al that they where going to die?"

"Sam don't blame me or Ziggy we didn't know anything about this?"

Sam remembering thoses words from a previous leap he reachs out and grabs and touchs Al's hand!

"It's you!"

Al makes a goat noise

And disappears in a red glow.

The director says to brain

"What's going on?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I tried"

The film crew phones a ambulance and when the dead crew member is taken away.

The director says to everyone

"I know we are all shaken up by the recent death but the show must go on people let's get to work!"

Sam gets into position.

And the director says


Al reappears and stands next to sam and says

"Sorry Sam Ziggy had a little malfunction and I couldn't get to you quickly."

Then another Al appears next to Sam on the other side with both Al's looking shocked looking at each other.

The new Al says to Sam.

"Don't believe anything he says his the devil"

End of chapter 7
Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told

Chapter 8

Sam looking really cross grabs one of the Al's lucky he choose the right one the devil.

The devil laughs Infront of Sam's face and Sam says to the devil.

"This has to stop right now."

"I couldn't agree with you more" the devil replys with a very evil stare.

Suddenly Sam realizes he is no longer on the film set just Sam and the devil are back standing in the desert again and even real Al had gone no where in sight.

The devil looking like his friend suddenly starts to grow very big and black clouds start to form above them in the sky the sky turns from day into the blackness of night.

And with Sam looking so small compared to the devil. The devil says In a blooming voice.

"Fall to your knees and worship me!"

Sam not sure what to do next falls down onto his knees and suddenly puts his hands together in prayer and prays saying.

"Lord please help me?"

The devil suddenly looking scared himself says.

"Noooo! Sam!"

And in the hour of Sam's need suddenly the devil is overcome by a pure white light and it seems like the devil quantum leaps in a bright white pure of light.

When the light faded away Sam was left in a dark place suddenly again a beem of white light shines through the dark clouds and shines above Sam night turns back into day.

And suddenly a man floats down from the light and when he touches the ground right Infront of Sam is Jesus Christ.

Jesus reachs out to Sam to lift him back onto his feet and when he does Jesus smiles at Sam and says.

"My good faithful servant"

Sam smiles and replys

"Coming from you that means the world. Where is the devil?"

"Gone back to where he belongs"

Sam feeling extremely tried hugs Jesus without even thinking and says

"I want to go home"

Jesus smiles and strokes his hair and replys still hugging Sam.

"The power is within you Sam it always has been and when the time is right you will go back. But there are still people out there who needs you Sam."

Sam let's go of Jesus and looks at the prince of peace and says to him.

"But how many more leaps must I go through before it's all complete?"

Jesus smiles and says

"The son of man was injuried due to the sins of the world for it was his purpose why I entered the world to die for the sins of many. Even tho your purpose is different Sam this is your purpose your reason to be."

Sam throught about the saviours words for a moment until his attention was broken by Jesus saying very loudly.

"Buddy wake up!"

At that moment Sam woke up and he was back in his trailer again and Al looked over him looking very concerned and says.

"For a moment there Sam I throught we had lost you."

With a really bad headache Sam still nursing. Al continues to say.

"Sam you have a movie to finish."

The next few days went like clockwork Sam had finished every scenes of the film and got over his fear of heights with Sam being raised onto the cross.

When the film crew was completely finished and the crew where starting to pack up Sam and Al was out side his trailer and Al reading from the handlink says.

"You did it Sam the film gets made and helps a lot of people and becomes the best version of the Jesus story to date."

Sam smiles and says

"But what about him?"

"Sam you where dreaming there's no such thing as the devil"

Sam looks at Al not sure what to say and says

"Maybe.... But Al no matter how long it takes me to get home I am so glad you are with me on this journey"

Both Al and Sam start to smile at each other and sam starts to quantum leap into time......

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself in army uniform looking at the most impossible thing he has ever seen.

Sam was in complete aww of the wonder Infront of him.

General hammond says over the speaker phone.

"SG-1 you have a go!"

Sam was in aww of the event horizon of the Stargate as all the SG-1 personal was going through the water like portal of the star gate Sam was frozen to the spot transfixed by the technology of the star gate when all the team was through apart from jack o Neill and Daniel Jackson who was now the good Dr Beckett.

Jack looked at Sam and said

"Daniel we don't have time for this"

Jack grabbed sams arm and pulls him towards the gate continuing to say.

"We'll done this millions of times already Daniel."

And all Sam could Sam before entering the portal of the star gate was.....

"Oh boy!"

The end