Quantum leap the house by the Sea


Project QL Intern
Mar 20, 2018
Chapter one

In a wash of blue light Sam was leaping through the void of time.
In this moment he felt he was traveling through the heavens he had leaped so many times now and had been away for so long he thought to himself for a moment.....

"Would I ever leap home?"

But he knew there where too many people out there that needed him. He thought to himself again....

"If I leap home who would help the helpless?" Plus the project was his love and his life he couldn't imagine staying in one time zone again as he originally had his life before leaping was a mash up of memories for him now but one day he would love to see the project again even if it was only for a moment...

As he was on this train of thought he started to feel like he was landing into his new time and place.

And with a big blue wash of quantum leap light Sam leaped in.

When the light had disappeared he found himself in a hallway of a old Victorian house the front door was open a little bit and feeling really uneasy with the new situation he had just leaped into he said out loud trying to get anyone's attention.

"Hello anyone there?"

The front door bursts open with a storm raging on outside and he saw on the door step himself!

Sam looks at himself and says

"Oh boy!"

Meanwhile project quantum leap

Sammy Jo fuller was looking at a picture of her dad and she tapped her hand link watch and says to Ziggy.

"What was Sam like?"

But before Ziggy could reply Ziggy says to Sammy Jo.

"Sammy we have more pressing matters with Dr Beckett."

"How so?" Replied Sammy Jo

"I am finding it hard to locate Sam where ever Sam is at the moment there is a lot of interference coming from his location."

Sammy Jo sat in Sam's office in his leather chair and says outloud as she was listening to Ziggy.

"Oh boy!"