Quinton Anthony Sylvane

QL Damsel

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas
Played by: David Chokachi

Job Description: Security Guard

Parents: Jane Ann Sylvane - Logistics Section Technician
Jacob Martin Sylvane - died of cancer four years ago -- Security Detail

Born March 24, 1991, Quint has reached the age of 29. He was born in Lothos' complex and has led an average childhood.

He has one brother, Darryl, who is 12 years old. His sisters drive him totally crazy. Marlena who is 16, continually asks about the other security guard who'd like to date her and Dianna, who is 20, looks up to her brother and hopes that one day she'll be in the security detail as well.

Quint had the standard grade school/high school education, followed by technical training. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps, and looking up to his father as he did, he didn't mind becoming a security guard.

Even with his ever crafty looks, Quint is not married and is looking for Ms. Right... not Miss Right Now. His father had taught him well, and with a mother who would rap his hand if he ever treated a woman badly -- he decided that being a gentleman was the only way to go.

As far as his job goes, he is a devoted employee to Lothos and the security position that he has required. He's a perfectionist when it comes to his job and he does his level best to not let anything disturb his concentration while on duty.

His free time interests are: reading, hiking, jogging, and muscle building in the gym.