Round Robin: Experiment: Flash RR

I apologize if I flew off the handle. I shouldn't have gotten angry like that. However, don't worry, I'm still not coming back to taint this post, so I'm still making everyone happy. I just thought that I should say that I was probably madder than I should have been, and I really hope that this gets better.

Of course, I would like to say that I did feel as though I was called a lazy, rude, anarchist.

I do apologize if I scared anyone off, and I started another Round Robin where the length is more comfortable for me. So keep the experiment, and bring it back to the fun, intersting, glory that it once was.

Apologies again,

I don't think the Expeimental one will go on anyway, you and I were the only ones who posted after a while. Besides after a while I was only posting to keep the thread alive but no one else is anymore so why bother.

Don't worry about it ohboy, you didn't over react. I also got quite offended when jmoniz said "Unfortunately..." but it doesn't matter now.
You know what... You're very right. We were just trying to revive the posts. I really did have fun before this. Besides, we weren't dominating this! I reread the entire thread, and two posts were 2 years apart at one point, and 4 at another. We didn't turn people off, because we weren't even members during the 2 and 4 year slumps. We were just having fun, and doing it daily. No one else wanted to do this daily, and I wasn't going to wait until 2010 for the thread was going to pick up again. I was beating myself up about this, but I also saw many threads besides mine that went above 15 words.

It didn't lose coherency! After all, wasn't the point of the Round Robins so that we would all get to have fun. I can use the aforementioned slumps as proof that people don't post very often. I thought that it was very coherent. Yeah, there were a few parts where things were blurry, but I thought that the plot summary would have cleared that up. Sam's Crow and I were the only people that did contribute, but that was because other people didn't. We were just trying to have fun, and revive it so that other people could come in. If you were to put our posts in one long, post, it would make sense.

Also, if people are just going to tell us what we are doing wrong, then why don't they contribute steer things around. However, I would hate to slander the original intent of this thread, so I am moving to my own. And if two people are going to be the only ones to post, and they are happy about it, then the thread was a success. I do hope that other people try the new thread, but I want to have fun! And yes! maybe it will be a back-and-forth type of story. But let me shout it from the proverbial rooftops when I say that "ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JUMP IN"!!!

And so, I say good bye to all. And if one person, besides myself, had fun on this thread, then this was a success. We were trying to keep this alive, but sadly, we lost. With that, I'm gone!
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First, the only reason why I stated what I did here is that there was a request made for opinions. I provided my opinion on the matter. It's always good to remember that when you ask for opinions, you shouldn't expect that all will agree with you.

Second, what appears to be slumps are the result of data loss with a previous version of the messageboard about 2 years or so ago. A lot of data was lost from the board then including a fair amount of the posts from this RR. Leaper1 even alluded to this situation in the 24th post on the 1st page.

As to any other points when it seems interest was lost...not everyone can be posting at something all of the time. Sometimes interest is lost for a while then it picks up. When Sherdran picked it up again in March of this year, there were fairly steady additions to it from a number of different people until about mid-June.
I would like to preface this post with the fact that I felt that you were suggesting, on many different times, that I was a major factor in the downfall of this post. Opinons were about rather the story should be moved, not rather I was a good member or not. I don't mind a difference of opinions, but I do mind when I'm being insulted. They should be done in a respectful way. I never asked if the posts were coherent or not. I felt that the barbs to both Sam's Crow and I were uncalled for.

Second, I am very aware that people cannot post all of the time. When the fall semester starts, I'll be very busy again. My reason for saying that was because it appeared to be a very long time between postings. I came about 1 1/2 months ago. I do hope that this story goes ahead, and that one day the ending is posted here.

However, I did not post this to continue a fight. I came here to say that I think the fighting is silly. I moved, and as a result, you have this, and I have a new Round Robin. It may not have a lot of contributors, but if only two people contribute, me as one of them, I'm happy. I wish the best in this thread; it must mean a lot to you for you to want me out so badly. I only ask that we can put this behind us, and that we can "agree to disagree".

Small feuds turn into snowballs rolling down a hill. They just get bigger, and bigger, until no one can stop it anymore until it collides into something. I don't want to get involved in that. Neither of us are right, and neither of us are wrong. We should just go on our ways, stronger from the experience.

All the best,

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