Round Robin: The ABCs of Al Calavicci

Well, I was gonna say B for Bingo, his nickname during his flying days. <G>

I can't think of a D at the moment... but just wanted to say what is probably obvious, and we can't double anything said already in the ABCs of Sam. Nobody's done it yet, but just making sure!

... Mike. ^_^
"F" is for Fifi "Boom-Boom" LaRue who taught Al how to quick draw. She also had the cutest pair of matching
.... .44 pistols. ;)
"J" is for Jarrett... Capt. Tom Jarrett whom Al leaped into on June 15, 1945 (also Al's birthday)! :)
"K" is for
-- Kevin - the pet cockroach he had in the days in the orphanage.
-- Kerouac, Jack. Al and his friends attended and partied with the legendary beat righter. His book "On The Road" changed his life.
-- Korea - being a POW in the war kept our poor Al going... he was repatriated 5 years later... but he was still free up *here*.
-- kiss (he had his share in his leap)
-- Knucklehead -- a 1948 Harley Knucklehead to be precise. It was his first car.... a bike! (as well as what he likes to call others who are jerks).
-- Kinship -- if it weren't for Al's kinship with Sam... where would Sam be???
And "L" is for loving Lt. Lisa Sherman in "A Leap for Lisa" ! :b

That one was kinda obvious!
(Ok, me and MJ have had our fun. Someone else's turn now!)
"M" is for M.I.A. (missing in action), how Al was listed after he was shot down over the highlands during the war in Vietnam (not, Korea).
Re: Re: The ABCs of Al Calavicci

"O" is for obvious devotion to the leap and to his friend trapped in time!

Ok... I was wrong about Korea... but then were is Cham Hoi? Vietnam? I wasn't sure... thus I put Korea. My bad. Oy... I'll never live this down....
Re: Re: The ABCs of Al Calavicci

"R" is for Rod who has the same mind as Al (Sorry Rod, just couldn't resist that :rollin )

and for the Roach named Kevin
"T" is for :

** Trudy - Al's sister who suffered from Down's Syndrome.

** Tina - Al's girlfriend on the show. *grin*

** Theresa Buckner - Al helped keep her in line in a leap - the little one who knows the names of dinosaurs and who was promised that he'd come back and see her again.

** Theatre -- Al is interested in the theatre and used to be an actor on stage.

** Ten Times -- The number of times that Al Calavicci circled the moon.

** Miss Tail Gunner -- a beauty queen that he dated in 1955. And, boy, Al exclaimed, did she have a "great set of turrets."

** Testarosa -- Al currently drives a modified one.

** Testosterone Driven Conversation about -- tatas, teeters, tweeters, tomtoms and tepees.

How about this? V is for Viet Nam, the country where Al was held as a prisoner of war until 1973 when he was repatriated (according to "M.I.A.")...

Although, I'm still curious about Brian's thought. :lol

... Mike. ^_^
<span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:red;"><span style="font-family:null; color:red;">W</span></span> is for Women... those that Sam always is smootchin' on, and Al is lustin' after!