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Nov 16, 2021
For a character in the series that apparently the legendary actor Scott Bakula wants nothing to do with they are really doing everything they can in the show to not mention his name :roflmao::roflmao:

Sam this Sam that.........its just a matter of time.
I think they're just holding out hope for him to change his mind...because the only other option is killing him off-screen, which fans of the original show would cry bloody murder over.
I would say there's a strong 10% chance of hope and 90% chance of reality of having Scott involved in the series at some stage.

The Leap by Ben seems to be centred around running a code aiming to find the creator of the project Sam and bring him home, it may take a season and a half to do it but that's where the series is heading.
I can see Scott doing a guest shot whenever they wrap this series up, with them finally getting him home. I really can't see this series ending any other way. It's obviously Magic's intent and, while we don't know what Ben and Janice are up to, I feel like that's their intent as well. They don't realize, since he's kept his experience a secret, that Magic has the same objective.
I didn't read Scott's statement as wanting nothing to do with the new series so much as passing on whatever small role they wanted to give him in the original pilot. Possibly for creative reasons, possibly a time conflict.

I'd very much like to see Scott as a recurring guest star. The series could end with him comming home but it doesn't have to - not if finding him reveals new reasons why leapers are needed. Why *someone" needs to be out there leaping. And now that Ben is there, Sam can mentor him and take breaks but he isn't done. Either because he joins the project yeam or needs to keep leaping but will cross paths with Ben. I imagine him having set up some kind of base hidden in time that Ben can eventually join him at.

Another place Sam could be is captured by or hiding from Lothos, or undercover on the evil project. Until he is rescued by Ben.


I'd like to see Sam as a major cast member - in the second or third season much as they cast the star of the original Flash tv series as Barry's father/and a second role in Grant Gustin series.

I could see an interesting situation where *either* Sam or Ben can be "home" at a given time but not both. Maybe Janice becomes Sam's new hologram. Maybe its all 4 of them or more all *rotating* as leapers. With them sometimes in one place or time and sometimes scattered. Someone doing future recon to feed to Ziggy while someone else is in the past making important changes perhaps.

I can come up with all sorts of ideas here - but the point is Sam could take a major recurring role in multiple ways. And so far Sam is the only one who can fully take his actual body through time. He has had 30 years to end up with time travel related skills and abilities. If he is no longer quite cabable of the young action hero stuff with punching and fighting as much he may have what ammounts to time stream related "powers" these days. Leaping out to prevent injury, being able to jump into whoever at will. Perhaps and awareness of temporal paths and branch points that he can see or percieve innately or using some equipment he now was able to create.

More food for thought
With Sams name being mentioned regularly on the show they are just planting seeds for his inevitable return, yes it may take a season or season and a half (with these extra 6 episode commissioned ) but they'll need to run into Sam at some stage.

It would be great to see creator Sam Beckett running his own project and passing the torch onto other leapers emphasising the importance of keeping time lines clear and just, evil leapers at bay and other timey shenanigans.
Perhaps they will find him in New Orleans! ;)
Funny you should mention that. I've imagined the "Heaven Can Wait" theory for Sam Beckett. He leaped into Dwayne Pride before Pride was with NCIS and was given the opportunity to stop leaping through time. The catch; He would forget everything about his former life and only remember the life of DCP(his initials). Or maybe Sam Beckett permanently inhabits the body of a certain legendary Starfleet Captain. LOL!