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Nov 6, 2022
I wonder how long it will be before Hollywood actor Scott Bakula reprises his role on the new episodes of Quantum Leap. Since Scott's last appearance as Sam ended with him becoming a time traveling master, I doubt Sam's powers would be insignificant in Quantum Leap's new series. Will Scott's character be Ben's key to getting back home?
No one has the full story as to why he isn't in it as of yet, we know he was offered a role in the pilot back when different people were running the show, there was a different pilot script, and he also had another show that he had hoped to be starring in.

At that time he said no, despite very much campaigning to see Quantum Leap back for a lot of years.

We also now know a bit about what that cameo role was but not where it actually would have gone or the full reasons why he said no at that specific moment to that specific pilot script.

The current showrunners have said they want him in this, and Scott has said very little.

I don't know that much about him as a person but he seems like a pretty stand up guy who genuinely loves the show and is far to underrated for his vast talent as an actor.

I very much want to see him reprise the role of Sam Beckett *and* Johnathan Archer in meaty and meaningful ways- he deserves it as do the fans. I *really* really hope its not a matter of choosing between them or him being kept in limbo between them with neither actually happening.

My prediction is we *are* going to see him at some point in this series and/or an associated project like a tv movies unless there is a massive scheduling conflict or similar involved.

It could be in season 2 or even as far out as the end of season 3 - I doubt longer -but it will be worth the wait and possibly even for the best to have this show establish itself and Quantum Leap become its own universe before they bring Scott back in - preferably in an special event, multi-episode story arc, or even as a member of the cast with the full respect for the character and the very talented actor who brought him to life.

It honestly doesn't matter to me if Sam comes home right away, settles elsewhere in time, or continues leaping as long as we get a *good* story that is true to the character and is worthy of Scott's return. Because he can be a recurring character in any of those situations.

I hate that Dean can't be part of it, that it took 30 years - but I also like the new show and QL as a whole becoming its own franchise. Scott is very talented and Sam needs to appear in this story - Lets see how close I am on the timing.

The only major issue is Enterprise deserves something better also and there is a lot of noise right now about it getting some sort of revival -I do *not* want to choose between them - I want to have Scott to get the respect and paycheck he deserves and the fans of both shows to get something that was worth waiting for/makes these endings better. Not one or the other, I am a fan of both Star Trek and Quantum Leap - so the two brands are just going to have to make a viable plan for Scott being in both revival efforts, while also letting him have a career outside these projects and telling stories he wants to be part of, and we want to see him do.

And I am *only* on board for "Evil" Sam if it is a fake out of some kind and we still get our Sam in the end, but it could be a lot of fun as long as it is a fake out of some kind.

My far more then 10 cents
There is no discussion right now as to whether or not he has an interest in appearing. While he established around the time of the premiere that he is not involved as a regular he did not specify that he had declined to appear in a cameo or for an arc. At least that was my knowledge until Starbright's post.

As has been said, I can't imagine him being dead set against it considering that the show is very dear to him and he did express support for the revival as well as had been on board for a film that ended up being scrapped as a recall several years back (I want to say maybe 2009-ish).

We also now know a bit about what that cameo role was
Do we? Please do tell!

I, as much as the next fan of the original series would love to see Sam appear and act of a sort of mentor or Al the Bartender role to Ben.
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