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Sep 11, 2010
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Counting down the third of five episodes closing out Season 2B:

FANDOM ENTANGLEMENT: QUANTUM LEAP (2022) Episode 2x11 — "The Outsider"

[Original airdate: 02/13/24]

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An anonymous source sends Ben and an experienced local Denver TV journalist on the trail of a dangerous conspiracy as they pursue the scoop of a lifetime in the early ‘80s. There’s trouble at HQ when Ian’s past decisions come back to haunt the team.

(Leap Date / Location: October 6, 1982 / Denver, CO)

This episode had a teleplay by Rammy Park and Margarita Matthews from a story by Rammy Park and was directed by original series co-creator/executive producer Deborah M. Pratt.

Joining me (Damon Sugameli) for this review were my co-hosts Mike Bloxam (MikeKraken), Brian Greene (alsplacebartender), and M.J. Cogburn (QLDamsel), as we break down this fantastic episode in the spirit of the classic series! Some talking points: shades of the classic series episode “Roberto!” and the Mark Ruffalo bio-pic Dark Waters, the cold (but delightful) villainy of Gideon Rydge, history “course-correcting” itself, and Magic taking one for the team. (Or is he simply taking a brief hiatus to become a Ghostbuster? 😜)

Plus, we also talk a bit about Matt Dale as this was the episode dedicated in his memory. Thank you, Deborah and the QL production team, for making this dedication possible. We all miss him dearly.

Matt Dale Dedication Card.jpg Matt Dale.jpg

Hope you enjoy our analysis and review!

We’re barreling toward the 2-hour season finale next week. Still not sure how we’ll handle that, whether we’ll do two separate reviews back-to-back or one long review covering both episodes. We’ll get a better idea once we watch them. Either way, we’ll attempt to do something special for the finale (if scheduling permits). Stay tuned…


The remainder of Season 2 is dedicated to our fellow podcaster and friend Matt Dale (former co-host of The Quantum Leap Podcast, author of Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap) who passed away unexpectedly on December 25, 2023.

(*This podcast episode was originally released on YouTube on 02/17/24.)
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