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Jun 12, 2008
Liverpool, England
I came across a website where you can sort of create your own SP character. I just done two of me. Don't ask why I'm in a forest for the second one. The first one is me how I normally am, and the second one is what I look like when I'm drumming like mad by the way.:p I've sort of become hooked to the website.


Well, I tried the link, and I could see how much fun that was. If I knew how, I would post up my replicated image. How did you do your's, Sam's Crow.
My only problem now is how to get just the picture on. When I click press the print button, it only comes up with the whole screen. If I still have problems, I'll contact you about that. It just takes a little tinkering with this, which is good for me because it helps me if I need to do this again in the long run for some other reason.

I say this now for all to hear, I'm terrible with computers. :lol
I'm going to try and play around with this some more later. I should get this yet! However, "yet" could be tonight, or a few days. Now this is more of a challange than anything else. I will post this!
It's actually nothing really fancy. It's supposed to be "me", but at this point, I want to get this done becasue I can't seem to. More like overcoming a challange.
Remeber when I said that I shout out of emphasis, rather than anger? In the star port? Same here. I was shouting more to express my mood, rather than really in anger. And I wasn't really yelling madly, but more like in a slightly raised voice that would appear funny on a sitcom. Like the "oh, come on" type of voice.
You need to register at another website? Oh well. Lord knows it wouldn't be worth it. Thanks for all the help anyways. If anyone wants, I'll include the code:

Black Bowler Hat
Peach Skin Color
Blue Suit Combination
Squinting Eyes
Brown "U" shaped hair
Black Pants
Gray Circle Glasses
(I don't have one, but I added the Brown straight-lined mustache for good measures)

I don't think I missed anything.
:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol I laugh out of both insanity and happiness. I was looking at this wrong the whole time. I could post a picture, but just not on the template proper.

Yes, this may not even matter anymore. Yes, I this isn't nearly as good as systemcat's or Sam's Crow's. Yes, this takes a lot of effort, more so probably than the way they did it. But I can honestly say that "I put this up here!"

You can say that this is how I looked the moment before I found this out. Plus, since it doesn't take up a lot of room, I may attach these to posts more often. Not this one, but others.


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I'm almost afraid to post this, but why do you feel sorry for me?

My ignorance on a computer? :nutThe fact that I have enough free time to devote about four-five hours to trying to find out how to display that? :nut The fact that my face really does turn beet red after I get really mad? :nut The fact that...

Sorry, got carried away there. :roflmao:
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Do you know what would be fun to play around with this, who could make a Sam or Al Southpark Character? Don't worry, I won't be trying to post a picture up. :lol