Spoiler discussion and speculation following Episode 3


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Nov 16, 2021
I watched episode 3 again last night.

There's a few ideas going around regarding who Hannah could be, she has a common interest in Math and physics like Ben so possibly a fellow traveller or a connection to the future QL project.

The writers have already confirmed that she is not a fellow Leaper so who or what she is and has a recurring role in the show is a real mystery.

Could she play a n Abigail Fuller type role like in "Trilogy" and play a generational character?.

I was thinking also could she be a guardian angel very much like Angelita was to Sam in "its a wonderful leap' episode? At least with angelita it was a play on words of the word 'Angel' however its unlikely Hannah is one.

It's strange having a recurring cast member when her first appearance is in 1949!
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Well Spartan,

I've seen it twice also. The 1949 thing for a recurring charactor still seems weird unless this is Ben's version of "Trilogy" and/or the cheat code/Ian's actions placed him in "temporal orbit" around this charactor somehow or something?

I have so little info from.which to craft a useful theory and honestly if I didn't have meta data I'd think vague future sequal ep. 1949 just does not work for cool you sent us a new project member but then she is intended to somehow accompany Ben - maybe she make some kind of device to allow her to attact/detect leapers and hitch a ride.

The angel or agent of GFTW is just as plausible as is her somehow being connected to a base in the past founded by Sam or some other project.

They say she isn't a leapers herself - is that not yet?

There is no way she eclipses Sam's originally work in 1949 by herself but with Ben's help I guess it could be a thing maybe.

One thing I did find interesting so this place Starlight, New Mexico - based on a quick Google search I don't think it exists though the part of the map they show in the ep does. Sanctuary, NM also doesn't exist in the real world - however Stallion's Gate where the original project was does.

So here is a wild one, what if something from the original project is involved, some sort of nexus or probability point in that general vacinity.

Again nowhere near enough info for solid theory yet but it's what I have so far.

I am slightly less annoyed at the lack of story progress this ep - but I guess one ep for emotional dealing is valid.

Also it probably means absolutely nothing that Janis is in Hawaii other then an excuse why she hasn't shown up yet and won't be able to stay - but didn't Sam have some family in Hawaiii or was that a fanfic?

Hopefully there will be some better direction to speculate in next week. Still kinda leaning toward Magic dating Beth but we will see.
They seem to be planting seeds like they did in Season 1 with numerous plot points to intrigue and also confuse, I dont know if that is the best dirction to take the show AGAIN, how about some good old fashioned episode storytelling highlighting the work Ben is doing in his leaps instead of taking focus away.

It's certainly too early to be speculating on Hannah but i'm also leaning towards a "Trilogy" type storyline concerning Hannah. I mean how else can a returning character keep appearing in episodes if it's NOT as a fellow leaper?

Hopefully there will be some better direction to speculate in next week. Still kinda leaning toward Magic dating Beth but we will see.

I would hate that cos it would indicate some lazy writing on the part of the writers and very predictable, imho it would also tarnish the memory of the love Beth had with Al.

I would like to think that perhaps it could be Sami Jo, I’d have to check the possible ages of Magic and Sami Jo to see if they can be a match up!! Beth and Magic are approx in their 70's while Sami Jo was conceived in 1966 making her 59/60, it's not inconceivable and it would intro Sami Jo into the series very well (although very creepy her dating Magic) ��
I hear you on the Magic and Beth thing, but it doesn't have to be lazy writing or diminish the love of Beth and Al. And if it is either of those I would be disapointed also.

Sami Jo as the love interest actually feels weirder to me but maybe? Granted we only met her as a child but the personality match isn't there.

I suppose we could throw this open to Dr. Beeks, Donna, or Tina if it's someone connected to the original series but Beth seems the most logical in many ways.

I was partially thinking keeping Beth more in the story this season and hopefully having her appear more since for some reason Janis is not as much as I'd like -but there is another piece to this.

I don't think it diminishes the great love of Al and Beth for her to take up with an old friend now that he is gone.

Maybe it's because I grew up with a relationship very like that in my family and a community tradition of late life second marriages of friendship.

My Grandparents were friends with another couple - when one became a widow and the other a widower they married each other and were very happy for 3 decades. It didn't have the same level of deep romantic love as my other grandparents but they were happy and good for each other.

So I could totally see Beth dating a friend who understands things most people can't.

It's not the greatest love of your life but love can grow out of friendship, mutual respect, and the lost people you both miss. In the original history Al tried 6 failed marriages because none of them were Beth but this is Beth after losing Al to death - it IS okay for her to just not want to be alone.

It might even be nice to watch a comfortable relationship like that.

It could always be someone we have never met

Time will tell.
I guess we the viewers never really got to see the love between Beth and Al (apart from rare footage) on screen that it wouldn't sit right seeing it with substitute lover Magic.

We saw little signs of familiarity and friendship in one of the earlier episodes of S1. I just think it would be an easy out to have Beth and Magic hook up.

Now, the Dr Beeks or Tina partnership sounds more plausible, it would be a nod to those legacy side characters who have barely got a mention. No Gooshie, no Beeks, No Tina, barely Donna or even Tom Beckett.

This leads me onto who do you think Magic was speaking too on the phone? You think Beth? or I think it could addisons guy Tom?

He begun the call with " hey its me" implying person on the other end wouldn't be that familiar and Magic saying " it's alot harder than I thought" maybe saying to Tom that putting Addison in the hologram role so close to Ben is a difficult situation but they reluctantly have to because Tom wants to find something out about from Ben.
I had a really long response that covered a bunch of topics but the website was acting weird yesterday so - I'll get back to it latter.

As far as "its me", I think it implies that whoever he is talking to would immediately know his voice - so someone who does know him well. As for why there are no names. Well there are the meta options that they don't want to audience to know who it is yet (which implies it IS someone we know or they haven't finalized a name yet) - and then there are in story options such as the line not being secure or a simple code to tell them if it is okay to speak freely or that he is actually himself.

He also *could* have been talking to someone other then his romantic interest but following so close on the discussion with Addison it is heavily implied it is that person. Still it could be Sam (if home), Tom Beckett, Janis, or even Beth if *not* the love interest, anyone he is coordinating with.

As for the topic I need to repost - I went down a big rabbit hole with that should maybe go on its own thread/the one after our next ep. An examination of the time line that comes into existance following mirror image, what that means, and how a late life companion relationship between Beth and Magic may be one of the best ways for viewers new and old to learn all about this timeline's version of Beth, Al, Sam and Donna.

Remember Beth has now met Sam the leaper before she meets Sam the man with the dream to one day travel in time - and from that moment on she knows he will leap and tell her to wait for Al. We don't know what else he tells her(editted to fix this line as I made a typo that changed the meaning), if or when she tells Al or anyone else about her experiance - but it has become a predestination paradox that is never totally clear until Mirror Image (version 2) rolls around.

With Beth drawn back into the current project via Magic and presumably working (as a Nurse?) on the new version of the original project- when Ben leaps into a situation where he crosses paths with a clever orphan boy, using a fake name. who has already been through far to much. Hopefully played by a perfectly cast young actor who can really sell the role. Maybe its one ep, maybe we get several - but eventually yeah its Al and in an emotional moment we and Beth get to say goodbye. Its not the man she loves, there is no romantic subtext, he doesn't even know she is there, and they can't touch but....I made myself cry.

Honestly, if the writers *don't* give it to us - I probably need a writing partner for the fanfic because there are so many incredible scenes etched in my mind now.
If the leap wasn't in 1949 I'd have guessed that Magic could be dating present day Hannah, but she'd be into her 90s so....