Spoiler Discussion and Speculation Following Episode 4


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Oct 6, 2022
So continuing our ongoing trend of talking about the latest revelations, and we *did* have some this week.

I've seen the ep twice but still need to ponder parts of it.

So we now know Sam isn't back home (it was never that strong a possability) at least not openly. There is always an outside chance he is secretly Rachel's boss or something I guess.

I'm trying to remember which ep last season we learned about Rachel's boss in. I don't think we have much data but they teased evil leapers last year and the odds are strong but not absolute that is where this might be going. I kinda do want an origin for Lothos and the red project that is actually well written and logical but I'd prefer it lead to a spin off or mini series with occasional crossovers rather then become the main focus of quantum leap.

And no evil Sam unless it's an illusion/temporary/not what it looks like. Scott could totally pull off evil Sam , it would be a great um Halloween ep ;)

Back to main topic.

We still don't know who Magic's gal is.

I'm still in camp Beth until given info to the contrary, and again the fact that they are not telling us does strengthen the theory.

The preview suggests Magic is in as Hologram next time so let's hope for some good clues related to legacy characters.

Tom's line about sacrifice implies that A. No one came out of the accelerator. B. A dead body came out of the accelerator. C. Tom does not know about whoever came out of the accelerator.

Could his sacrifice theory be right? What about future Ian who obviously made it to the future to interact with Ben after having been a leaper? So it's possible to stop leaping.

However, Addison tried to step into the accelerator and it *didn't* work?

Now maybe someone stopped her, but we know there is a timelime where she was the leaper, apparently all different people tried it only to be shut down by leaper X. So Addison is capable of being the leaper.

Interesting observation - the project should have originally been about to send Addison as its leaper about now. Ben leaped 5 years early, spent 1 year leaping, then vanished for 3 years.

Did he need to leap when he did because the actions of leaper X or something else would stop a leap from happening during that time window?

Could Tom be connected to Rachel's boss?

It is possible that Sam Beckett built in a safeguard to make sure people only leap with the right sort of intention but knew he secretly wanted to save his brother so it was okay to want a change in your life - to be a wrong that should be righted and ask for a chance - because humans have wants. But if you change your very motivation for leaping, yeah that makes things way more complicated and maybe you can't go home again.

Much to ponder
Being my first post I won't go into a lot that's in my head on the show as there'd be a lot to cover all at once, however from this episode when Ben and Addison were doing the who left who argument and Neal comes out, he says:

We need to get out of here.
They say there's some crazy woman
Yelling about space and time.
All right, you ready to win back my love?"

What was that all about, Ben didn't pay much attention to it and it kind of just got glossed over, first off who's they and if not Addison "they" are talking about (can they see the hologram), could it be Hannah in that year 2000. Okay that's 51 years from 1949, so depending on what age Eliza Taylor (born 1989 and 33 when the episode was shot) was playing Hannah at, she could be anywhere between 84 and 74 if she was playing Hannah under her actual age.

Edit: Actually scratch that thought, as I realised last night that Neal would have seen Ben/Summer out there talking to Addison and it would have looked like to Neal that Ben/Summer was talking to himself (as Ben said: I jumped through time and space
to save you to Addison).
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