St. John V, Edward

QL Damsel

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

Played by: Roddy McDowell

Job: Former Head Programmer of P. Q. L. (for only an episode)

First Appearance: Original Episode "A Leap For Lisa"

Pronounced ?Sinjin" in the British manner. When Sam briefly changed Al's history by Leaping into him, Al was replaced by St. John, a stiff upper-lip British gentleman who preferred old-fashioned suits. He called Sam "Samuel," which did not go over well with the time traveler. During this time Sam began to lose his memory of al in spite of his best efforts. He had no idea who St. John was, and faked his Swiss-cheesed so he could get the new Observer's identify. At one point, St. John called Bingo a satyr after he started eyeing Tina. After Sam righted history, Al reappeared.